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What is the difference between administering medicine and assisting with medicine?

Who is allowed to administer medicine, or assist with medicine? whats the difference

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One Response to “What is the difference between administering medicine and assisting with medicine?”

  1. med109 said :

    I am a EMT basic level. I am allowed to assist my patients with THEIR nitro, and THEIR inhalers. We carry these drugs in our ambulance, but i am not allowed to administer them. So if I go to a patients house and they have chest pain I first ask them if they have nitro. If they do than I call my Dr to get the ok to assist them with it. I make sure it is for my patient, and it is the correct dose, med, not expired ect. Than I open it and put one in his hand and make him put it under his tongue, I also make sure to take the pills with me, so I can help him take another if needed. Now at the EMT intermediate level we can administer nitro than we have in our ambulance. So I would call the Dr get the ok, and than I would spray the nitro under his tongue. Same with an inhaler, if the patient had an inhaler than I would put it together and have the patient take it as normal. If they are really having trouble and can’t do it, than I would place there hand on the inhaler, put it in their mouth and I would push down for them.


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