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How does telemedicine work ?

One of the most used methods by numbers of medical institutions and physicians through digital and electronic means to give healthcare for their patients is telemedicine. Telemedicine uses various telecommunication devices employing technology to send care for their patients in their own homes and remote areas. Telemedicine also enable caregivers to transfer and collect medical data, live audio and video transmissions and viewing still images. Some the most used channels are telephone, satellites and internets, although any means of transmission can be utilized.

There are varieties of medical fields where telemedicine is used like radiology, cardiology oncology and psychiatry. Video conferencing, diagnoses, medical administration conferences, treatments including surgery, patient and physician education are all made possible with telemedicine.

There is a long history behind telemedicine, which started with the birth of the telephone. The investigation of the EKG or electrocardiogram transmission through telephone lines by Einthoven is back in 1906. In addition, ship radios were used to connect sailors with physicians to aid during sea medical emergencies in the 1920’s. The first facility to use closed-circuit television for the purpose of healthcare is the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute in 1955. Remote Canadian and Alaskan villages are able to do lifesaving tasks with the help of satellite communication that link them to the distant town hospitals. Nowadays, the progress of telemedicine is starting to mature exponentially through advance technology.

The use of telemedicine has proven to be advantageous for both economy and patients. With the use of remote health monitoring, telemedicine enables people to stay at home to be more productive and avoid hospitals and nursing homes. Besides the money being saved, the economy benefits from lesser requirements to transport patients to other facilities when a health cars specialist is necessary.

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