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How can I get furniture that will fit in my basement?

My basement has a nice sized family room, but the problem is getting furniture down there. My wife isn’t crazy about most of the sectional furniture that we have seen. She would like a sofa and two chairs, but I don’t think a sofa will fit down the stairs. Does anybody have suggestions of nice looking sectionals, small sofas, or other ideas? We live in the Denver area.

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2 Responses to “How can I get furniture that will fit in my basement?”

  1. Wounded Duck said :

    Almost all staircases are designed to allow a couch to be moved down them!

  2. Linda K said :

    There is a furniture company called England (sold at stores in Denver), that has a type of sectional which is like two curved love seets brought together. It is a more contemporary look and you can have it done in any fabric they have. I’ve seen a few like this. Here is the link to what they look like. And they guarantee your custom order is done in less than three weeks. The throw pillows are also special ordered in any color combination you want. My sister had this done and it looks great. The single pieces may be easier to move down there.


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