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does stopping smoking make people irritable?

i was wonder if when people attempted to stop smoking and not smoke at all if they become more irritable and get angry easily. is it normal for a person to get angry over the smallest things and for the people around to always feel on edge around them. i’ve found after smoking for a yr overseas now that my husband has tried to stop for me that he gets so angry and blows up over the simpliest thing. is this normal?

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20 Responses to “does stopping smoking make people irritable?”

  1. soulsurfer707 said :

    yes very

  2. Eva Daniel Rn Realtor said :

    yes it is yes yes and yes

  3. bmuel11 said :

    YES!!!!!!! NOW WILL YOU GET OFF MY BACK!!!!?????

  4. D.C said :

    God YES, when I quit smoking I couldnt even live with MYSELF. But dont worry, it will go away and you’ll be happy.

  5. patisallano said :

    Anyone whom are trying to give up something whether it be chokolade, cofee, burger king, etc., will go through a period of irritation.

  6. prplfae said :

    Yes, it is very normal that he is getting irritable, when you are addicted to anything, especially nicotine, and you decide to stop, you crave it and those cravings can make you very irritable

  7. wantsshy said :

    yes it sure does. It’s trying to break a really powerful addiction. I think it is sad that we don’t have in patient rehab for smoking like we do for other drugs. If you want him to quit then I think you have to just deal with him being really cranky for a while… ( Not abusive of course you don’t have to deal with that ). But it is an awful experience. He will be out of sorts in all kinds of ways. Try to be supportive

  8. sally i said :

    i think it`s very normal otherwise u wouldn`t have really stopped smoking,keep on what u both are doing, he`ll suffer in the first month due to NICOTINE withdrawal but asking GOD he`ll come over it BUT i`m sure if u helped him he`ll be much better than fighting alone

  9. crankyissues said :

    Yes, very normal!!! And it is worse if the person trying to quit is doing it for reasons other than his own. If he really does not want to quit for himself, his heart isn’t really in it either, and it just makes the bitchy part worse! My boyfriend quit, and did it because HE was ready to quit-(I still smoke)- and he was fine, but the difference there was that he made the decision because HE WANTED TO. Not for me, (obviously) and not for anyone else. I want to quit too someday, but I’m just not ready yet- Good Luck! Don’t take it personal! It will get better.

  10. RT said :

    YES it does. But it will pass after you quit for awhile and won’t bother you if you quit for good.

  11. freaknut999 said :

    Absolutely…. Smokes are more addictive than Crack Cocaine ( Here in Canada it is printed in big letters on each package) They are so full of drugs that when you stop your body is physically and mentally craving them..The few times I’ve tried to quit (once in the hospital because of surgury) I cried the entire time…They say after 3 weeks you get better though???

  12. Some dude said :

    Big time. When you’re trying to quit smoking you get upset over the slightest little thing. This is because nicotine forces your body to release seritonin (happy chemiclas) into your brain. Everyone’s body des this, but the nicotine makes it happen (hence, one of the reasons people get addicted in the first place) When you quit, your body has become so accustomed to the nicotine doing that for you that it takes some time to get back in the swing of having to do it itself.

    The best thing you can do is be supportive, and remind him if he starts throwing a temper tantrum that it’s probably not as bad as he’s thinking and it’s just the nicotine withdraw that is upsetting him. That always put things in perspective for me when I quit.

  13. DB said :

    Its all in his head. He wouldnt be bitchie if he didnt have underlying problems.

  14. justagrandma said :

    Yes, people are withdrawing from a physical addiction and its apt to make them absolutely nuts for a while, just bear with him and live with it so you can live with him for a longer time. Its worth it.
    And it does get better.

  15. JennAside said :

    YES! Nicotine is a more powerfully addictive substance than heroine or cocaine, even. You will have some wicked withdrawals, to be sure. I used the patch to help be less foul but, according to my sweet daughter, I was truly evil during this time.

    To quote my lil princess “Mom, I was waiting for your head to spin around like in the exorcist, I almost ran out to get some holy water.” There was one point where she was trying to talk me into smoking again…lol

    I remember feeling always very much on edge, like my nerves were raw and on the surface, I was sooo jumpy that my SKIN HURT in the worst of the withdrawals. Just try to keep things soothing and quiet around him and remember it’s for the best and only temporary. GOOD LUCK!

  16. Cadi C said :

    it definatly is normal to be irritable when quitting anything cold turkey, getting off caffine, quitting smoking etc… it goes away with time after your body re-teaches itself to live and process with teh absense of nicotine

  17. justonpc said :

    yes it make them more nerves , specially in the first week, when the body and mind is used to not smoking .Than they feel ok and much better than when they smoked.

  18. groovyfaye said :

    Someone in my family ( very close to me ) gave up smoking because i hated the smell and i wouldn’t go near them when they just had a ciggarette she was going through a hard time and felt that smoking made her stress go away . She new how much smoking was affectiong her ( coughing ). so she was determind to give it up .
    she always used to use it against us “Ive given up smoke so stop giving me a rough time ” .so yes they get very angry and feel they have to keep going back to it …
    Years on now she has been fine and the anger just went away hope evry thing is alrite now 🙂 im sure he will stop geting angry 🙂

  19. laura said :

    Um, yes! Take it from me, I had to live through this with my boyfriend for the two weeks he didn’t smoke. By the end of the two weeks, I wanted him to have a cigarette so bad just to stop the bitchiness, and probably could have used one for myself to calm my nerves a bit!

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