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Does anyone have this weeks Slimming World password?

I forgot to get it this week and my consultant has gone on her hols and I don’t want to bother her!

Thanks in advance!

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have this weeks Slimming World password?”

  1. chopsyandstu said :

    Turkey I think if I was listening!! if not chestnut will still work this week

  2. animallovinggirlie said :

    well mine isn’t turkey thats for sure, however, i wouldn’t give the password because at the end of the day we have no proof that you still go to group, you may have left and be just still after access to lifelines online. sound stupid i know, but hey thats the way i see it.

    chestnut however will still work for the next week

  3. bob said :

    hi, password is strawberry – i dont care if you dont go anymore its hardly the code to the nuclear warheads! be my guest!!!


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