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am i to fat??

i want to lose weight because i think i look fat .
i know i probably dont have to lose any weight and i need more confidants but i really want to lose weight .
i am 5’5 and i weigh 140 im 12 years old i am a medium build girl . i need tips on how to lose weight but i cant go on jenny craig or slim fast or any of that stuff . i want to loose weight quickly . i dont want to be a stick ! i want to be toned and have muscells but not to many and i dont like throwing up either . am i to fat? am i obese or over weight?

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2 Responses to “am i to fat??”

  1. ♥ My old account was deleted :@ said :

    Course not !
    You just have a bit more meat, trust !
    Im trying to become that weight 🙂

    If you want though, try eating healthier, and excersising more 🙂


  2. christina :] said :

    this site is the best siter ever!
    they have super easy simple workouts that will help you tone!

    you are 10 pounds away from being over weight : but if I were you I would try to get down to about 120.


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