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What’s best for fat loss?

Is high intensity cardio better for burning fat than low intensity cardio? I know high intensity cardio burns more calories. If i want to increase my fat loss which should i do?
obviously i know to exercise.. my question is to burn fat is it better to do a low intensity cardio workout (such as walking) or a high intensity workout (such as running). i know running will burn more calories but i am wondering if there is a difference between the workouts in regards to burning fat.

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5 Responses to “What’s best for fat loss?”

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    The High intensity cardio like running or using a cross trainer. This will burn of the fat quicker for sure. Swimming is a good choice if you have any joint problems.

    If you do strength training as well, you will build more muscle tone as well. This will increase your metabolic rate and help burn off calories at a quicker rate when resting. Don’t worry it wont make you bulky either because women do not have enough testosterone.

  5. zzzzzzz said:

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