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Whats are some good ways to gain muscle for skinny people with a high metabolism?

i wanted to know if there WAS any certain way to gain muscle ; weigh i have a high metabolism and really don’t gain much weight. is there any certain work outs that helps gain weight?

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4 Responses to “Whats are some good ways to gain muscle for skinny people with a high metabolism?”

  1. Steven Wojcik said:

    I have the EXACT same problem as you. I’m 20, 6’0, and have been 150-160 since I was 12. What has been suggested for my for fat gain is a weight gain purchasable at your local health store. Only problem with it is it’s mainly sugar. (delicious! :D) But if you want muscle, go by some protein and and hit those weights. dumbbells, Benchpress. Even sit ups and pushups.

  2. tennislover said:

    if your a hard gainer.. its all about eating more healthy calories.. and heavy weight training
    you need to eat approx 20 x your body weight from calories
    one gram of protein for each pound u weigh..

    and as far as training goes.. u need to do 40 – 60 mins heavy lifting.. 4-6 reps, 6-8 reps… train two muscles a workout

    and make sure u train all the muscles once a week.. chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders , back , legs

    supplments that will help are glutamine, whey protein,.. and cycling creatine on and off

  3. Brianna said:

    What you want to do is possibly start lifting weights, and if you have any gym equipment you can look up exercises to make you gain muscle. Another key to gaining muscle is protein (eggs,peanut butter, meat, etc). No I am going to tell you this from experience but please DO NOT start eating junk food and unhealthy stuff, I used to be super skinny and my family made me feel pressured about gaining weight so I started overeating and my diet was really bad and I gained a ton of weight and now i’m very unhappy with my body (i’m not overweight or anything but i’m just not as healthy as I used to be).

  4. dede said:

    Its called a workout


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