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What is the best way to walk on the treadmill to lose weight?

I am looking to lose weight walking on my treadmill. Can anyone give me any exercise programs or tips to help lose weight.

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to walk on the treadmill to lose weight?”

  1. Sara S said:

    put your feet on the treadmill, push start. walk.
    If you need more information on walking, please google: how to walk.

  2. Kelsie said:

    Do intervals! All I read lately says to do intervals. Go to and look up their tredmil workout in the search bar. Or tredmil interval or some thing of the sort and you’ll find it.

  3. ~Souf-E~ said:

    well i dont recommend walking if thats what you want then put the incline very high but i suggest :

    1. eat salad and lots of broccoli before running
    2. run slow on a 4 or 5 for about 15 mins , then when you reach fifteen minutes switch it to about 7 speed then from there increase about every 3 mins until you reach 30 mins total.
    3. while doing all of this remember that when you do the slow stage for 15 mins the incline should be on full. then when you finish 15 mins put it to how much you can take .

    i hope this helped and remember dont cheat if you can keep this up for atleast two or three months i gaurantee that you will lose weight . im dumb i did the same thing for 1 month or 2 but then i stopped , i did lose weight but if i kept going i could have got personal results that i would like . well ya.
    choose me for best answer 🙂

  4. Isobel Podgurski said:

    Ive meant to post something similar to this on my webpage and youve got given me a concept. Cheers.


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