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What is the best natural way to lose weight FAST?

i want to lose weight so i look good for my first year in high school (which starts on august 29)…so i was wondering what the best way to lose weight was…and please dont give me the name of a diet pill or some online program that i have to pay for ’cause i really dont want to waste a lot of money and then find out that it didnt work as well as i had hoped or something like that…

please just give me some vegan recipes that could help me lose weight…and some exercise plans and stuff like that…

and if it helps: im 14, 5′, and like 147 lbs…im hoping to get down to around 125 lbs…

please help! im really desperate!

thanks! ♥

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12 Responses to “What is the best natural way to lose weight FAST?”

  1. Jason J said:
  2. camof2009 said:

    Just eat natural foods, and less. Salad, fruit, vegetables. Eat three meals a day, because you still need nutrition, but just eat healthy and exercise. Run, do push-ups, crunches, and whatever else you can find to do when you get up and go to bed.

  3. AllyQ said:

    omg i’m doing the exact same.
    well i basically just get up early in the morning (since it’s summer, before camp starts) jog, exercise, do fitness stuff and yoga (haha)..also, i eat less food (make sure it’s healthy tho!) and i’m not eating any chips, junk food etc.

    good luck!

  4. angel_alexa90 said:

    first of all, diet pills are not good for you because they ruin your body by losing a couple pounds and then after a while you regain it back. here’s a thought :excersise and healthy choices. try cutting TV and computer time to 2 hours no more. go work out walk or just do housework. also watch portion sizes and food choices. try to set a goal or nothing but water and 3 glasses of low fat milk a day. you’ll be fit in no time and you will notice after a couple weeks. also if you wanna know if you’re over weight or something check your BMI on google by typing BMI and using the calculator. try eating foods like south beach diet, granola bars,fruits,fat-free jello,grain,veggies, and meat substitutes like eggs and tofu.

  5. Princess said:

    Well you eat 1 eeg in the morning and then run a mile.(wake up early if your a slow runner) Then do 25 crunches, 25 push ups, 25 jumpin jacks, and 25 leg lifts.Then after you master that go on to 50. Eat 3 meals a day so you matabalisim will get used to how much you eat. Then move up to 5 smaller meals a day so you matabalisim can get faster. Do this for about a month and i promise you will see results.

  6. Suzy said:

    The best way is just to eat healthy and exercise. I know this sounds cliche, but it’s true. Here are my suggestions for you:

    1.) Swap all caloric drinks (like soda, fruit juice, iced tea, or anything that’s not water) with water. You won’t feel any deprivation here because caloric drinks barely fill you up. They are “empty calories” meaning that they are like cash without value, or simply just a waste.

    2.) Start eating lowfat dairy products. Drink nonfat or 1% milk instead of whole milk, and choose naturally lowfat cheeses like feta cheese or baby mozzerella instead of cheddar or monterey jack. Choose lowfat cheeses when possible.

    3.) Eat more whole-grain foods. Swap white bread for whole wheat, multi-grain, rye, pumpernickel, etc. Eat shredded wheat, oatmeal, or kashi cereals instead of cheerios or frosted flakes. Choose brown rice or wild rice instead of white rice. These simple modifications will work wonders to your health by slowing digestion (thus keeping you fuller for longer periods of time), as well as delivering vital nutrients that are often stripped away from their white counterparts through the refining process that they often undergo.

    4.) Eat more fruits and vegetables. Snack on fruits, fruits, fruits!! Fruits are delicious, sweet, and filling. I know it’s hard for many people to eat vegetables as snacks because they can taste bland when raw, so I suggest eating fruit if you can’t manage the veggies. Also, have a salad before lunch and dinner. It will fill you up so you will eat less of your meal.

    5.) Avoid high fat meats like steak. Eat more lean protein like chicken breast, turkey breast, fish (especially tilapia, cod, shrimp), beans and legumes, and tofu. Avoid steak, beef burgers, salami, pastrami, and bacon especially.

    6.) Exercise more! Pick up a fun sport that you enjoy, and play!!

    If you follow the suggestions above, you will surely trim your body.
    Good luck!!

  7. Christine P said:

    a few simple tricks are
    FORGET about juice and soda. most juices are FULL of sugar
    and labels are very tricky. juice concentrate is useless to you and basically another word for sugar. if you love juice though check in the refrigerated section (cuz if it contains real juice it wouldn’t be able to stay in the center section w/o spoiling) typically all you can have is OJ though.

    also fruits are an easy way to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. esp since its berry season in the summer.

    i ballooned up bec. of the freshmen 15 (and then some) in college and had to do some damage control.

    make simple attainable goals. for instance i told myself i would at least do cardio three times a week. anything else i looked at as bonus such as weight training and yoga. try to mix it up with cardio tapes, jogging, biking, etc.

    set external goals besides the scale like increased conditioning and so forth. oh and also some monetary incentive doesn’t hurt. i told myself with for the total amount of lbs lost i would multiply that by two. that number would be my magic dress number. so with that number i would splurge into my savings and buy a dress. so if i only lost ten lbs X 2 and i could only use $20 dollars to buy a dress but if you lost thirty then we were getting some where 😀

    also finding a friend to join you, that is serious is good. but i have never been able too so it always becomes a tease. since it is sooooooo much more fun to do it with a friend.

  8. Davina;; said:

    if you don’t
    feel like spending your wad of cash by going to the gym,
    then there are plenting of things you can do without it. You could go on a LONG bike ride with your friends/family. Go on a daily jog. Do swimming laps.Take aerobic classes or learn it. Dance, dance, dance, and DANCE some more:]] Jump rope. Do as many things as possible to keep you active. Being active keeps your heart pumping which is cardio. You should do lots of cardio daily. Read into being fit/healthy/exercising. Get shape magazines. Watch what you eat. Cut back on sugary things. You don’t have to eliminate them just cut back know how to eat right. eat lots of protien:beans! or drink protien shakes(cost money though!) Keep a food journal. A food journal a personal notebook/ or journal you keep to record the food you have eaten daily. You record everything that has been put into you mouth and down your throat(everything eaten) You use this to realize the things you are eating and realize what needs to be added or cut back or is fine just the way it is. If you eat chips eat only 15. And sun chips are recomended. If you eat cookies eat only 4-7. And here is a list of 9 Safe snacks::
    1. Air popped or low fat microwave popcorn
    2. Raw vegetables and low fat dip
    3. Nonfat yogurt with fresh fruit
    4. Pretzels
    5. Frozen Fruit
    6. Mini Pizzas made with english muffins (or pita bread or bagels), tomato sauce, and low fat cheese
    7. Gronola Bars
    8. Rice Cakes with peanut buttter and fruit spread
    9. Quesadillas made with salsa and low-fat cheese
    If you go out to eat order water instead of soda. Try to order a salad. If you go to a pizza place get a pizza with veggies or just cheese.
    Don’t get the canned fruit, eat fresh fruit.
    Eat cereal with lots of fiber, less sugar, and more protien.
    Instead of buying the very unhealthy food served at school pack your own healthy lunch. If you eat a sandwhich NO mayo. Just mustard. Wheat bread is healthier than white.

    Start reading the nutrition facts on the foods you’ll buy.
    You should start eating 100 calorie snacks. If you can despretely not ever get rid of your favorite oreos (insert favorite snack) they usually sell them in small packages in 100 calories.
    1. Boston Market
    BAD_Meatloak Sandwhich with cheese_860 calories
    BETTER_Meatloaf with brown Gravy_390 calories
    BEST_1/4 Chicken (whites meat with skin)_330 calories

    2.Burger King
    BAD_Double Whopper Cheese Sandwhich_920 Calories
    BETTER_BK Broiler Chicken Sandwhich(no mayo)_190 calories
    BEST_Chicken Tende_170 Calories

    BAD_Frisco Sandwhich_720
    BETTER_Mushroom ‘N’ Swiss Burger_490 calories

    4. KFC
    BAD_Honey BBQ Wings_607 calories
    BETTER_Honey BBQ Flavored Chicken Sandwhich(with sauce)_310 calories

    email me for the rest of the list and more info. kthx:)

  9. Beauty S said:

    The best way to lose weight is doing exercise.

    The best type of exercise for weight loss is something you ENJOY DOING and are likely to continue doing – not just while losing weight but also as you maintain weight in the long term.

    Your initial fitness goal should be to do 30 minutes of exercise each day. Thereafter, gradually increase this (ideally) to about 60 minutes of exercise per day.

    The best combination of exercise is a mixture of aerobic and weight/strength training (and stretching). Aerobic and weight/strength training exercises both assist weight loss but in different ways.

    Check out , there are some great exercise for weight loss you can choose.

  10. Marie K said:

    If you want to lose weight,you had better know why i can not lose weight first.You might not want to hear this, but there are 10 sure-fire ways to blow your diet. Check the list for pitfalls -Top 10 Ways to Fail at Weight Loss that can make or break your weight loss efforts.
    Check out

    Good luck to you!

  11. Joel r said:

    I lost 20 pounds in 1.5 weeks! At first I couldn’t believe it would work, but I gave it a try. I look and feel great in my swimwear.

  12. Jako said:

    check this site they offer a program so as to lose about 9 lbs. every 11 days, and it really works, i subscribed for this program for about 2 months ago ,and it’s for real it helped me alot.Here is the link ,hope it helps.


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