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What is a drink (that is not water) that is easy to make/obtain, and will help me lose weight fast?

I really, really need to lose weight really quickly, any method suggestions are accepted as well!

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7 Responses to “What is a drink (that is not water) that is easy to make/obtain, and will help me lose weight fast?”

  1. Shawn said:

    crystal light has so many flavors and tastes awesome.

  2. Andrew said:

    slim fast

  3. Jordan said:

    diet green tea.

  4. Hailey H said:

    Sorry to say.
    But it would be water!

    But here’s the catch.

    Make it super cold. Because your body burns more calories digesting cold water.
    ALSO , put lemon in it.
    Because it burns calories as well.
    Make sure you drink it throughout the day!
    because if you don’t, your body could retain the water and keep weight on just to hydrate your body.

  5. Amanda Kin said:

    Shawn is right. I am dieting right now, and I just so happened to finish a glass of Crystal Light. 🙂 I love the wild strawberry one. Hope I helped!

  6. Mike said:

    cryatla light, its cheap and its just like kool aid. you can get in in like tea, or lemonade, or strawberry. pretty much any falvor. all you need is a pitcher full of water and stir in the dink mix. the also make it available for water bottles.

  7. malica said:

    Drinks alone won’t cause weight loss, but can certainly help by making you feel a bit less hungry and help keep you properly hydrated.

    Some great options are crystal light, any herbal tea (hot or cold, unsweetened) or green tea. Water can be dressed up with a splash of lemon which adds less than a couple of calories (great for taste, but doesn’t help you burn calories any faster). Drink your water at whatever temperature you like as well – ice cold water only burns a few extra calories at the end of the day – not enough to make a difference. Even if you drank 2L of water ice cold (65.6 oz), you’re actually only burning an extra 56 calories over if you’d drank water at body temperature. Considering most tap water isn’t nearly that hot – it’s more like 54 degrees – you’d end up burning only an extra 25 calories by drinking ice water instead of tap water. Sure, every little bit helps, but this isn’t going to make a noticeable impact to your weight.


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