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Suggestions for breakfast on Slimming World?

I’m bored of cereal or toast. Any suggestions for different breakfasts I could have that are syn free on Slimming World?

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3 Responses to “Suggestions for breakfast on Slimming World?”

  1. Teressa G said:

    Good question!

    Well there is a ton of healthy breakfast alternatives other than, – cearal and toast.

    Why not try a poached/ scrambled egg?
    Or some activia yogurt with granola, or fruits inside?

    There’s also hot oatmeal,
    Or why not just a fruit salad with lemon squeezed ontop.

    There’s also breakfast smoothies,
    Breakfast granola bars,
    Lean turkey sasuage..
    And more.

    Just try looking for some simple healthy breakfast meals on
    Hope this helps

    – TG .

  2. stickyfingeredurchin said:

    I’m assuming that you’re using a healthy extra for breakfast as you mention toast.
    I usually go for.

    Red day: Bacon (fat removed) ,quorn or low sin meat sausages and tinned tomatoes on toast.
    Or Scrambled eggs.The Indian breakfast eggs are really nice if you like that sort of thing
    I also like tinned mackerel in tomato sauce on toast or tinned kippers (in brine) and scrambled egg on toast(nicer than it sounds!).

    Green day: Spahgetti shapes or beans on toast with a bit of cheese and quorn sausages.

  3. Gayle Anagnos said:

    Locate a complex is that it looks more into.


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