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Lost weight but still have fat on stomach, and hips?

Hi, i have lost 70 pounds, but I still have some fat on my stomach, hips and lower back. What can I do to make this go away? Without losing anymore weight, b/c I am 6feet and 160 lbs.

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10 Responses to “Lost weight but still have fat on stomach, and hips?”

  1. Light W said:

    Place of fat depositioned is genetic factor no matter what you do such as exercise and etc.So may be you can dine some liposuction that is not recommended or you can perform lase therapy which is more safe to eradicate your fat at the hips and stomach.

  2. a mother and engaged said:

    i am having the same problem i weigh 138 pounds and its mainly in my stomach area from my baby fat. have u tried exerciding at least 10 minuites a day? if not try that, u can just do it in ur home. my fiance been encouraging me but he always tell me im not fat im sexy. hope i helped

  3. Bunny said:

    I would say working out would be your best bet.
    Do exercises that will tone those areas, you should’nt lose wight from doing this, because this will most likely build muscle, which weighs more than fat.
    Yoga really helps with toning your body, and it’s relaxing too.
    Good luck!

  4. Madhumitha said:

    You have to do some abs excercise to reduce the fat in your stomach, you have to do jogging to reduce the fat in lower back.

  5. Annabella said:

    The most effective way to burn fat is to eat less food and exercise more, the difficulties arise when we actually aim to put that into practice! There are loads of temptations in the big wide world don’t you think?! The only method which clearly worked for me is green tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a handful of free trials in stock, it was featured in Fox News and CNN. I melted away twenty pounds, it clearly does work!

  6. Nick said:

    Firstly congratulations on losing 70lbs! That must be great for you so well done!
    As for fat deposits being “genetic” as somebody answered, they most definitely are not! What rubbish!! You certainly do not need to resort to liposuction or laser treatment either!
    Without knowing your eating and exercise habits it is difficult to advise you accurately, however with targeted nutrition and the correct exercise programme you can definitely get it off without too much trouble at all.
    This is my job so I know what I am talking about, if you would like me to help you I need to know your details so get in touch.

  7. JJG said:

    all about toning up I’m afraid. if you put on muscle you weight will go up anyhow, not down.

    read more information here:

  8. Matthew K said:

    Ok despite what people say you can’t lose weight off specific parts of your body – by doing situps doesn’t mean you will burn fat off your tummy.

    The only way to burn fat is if your body is in a calorie deficit. eg. you need 2000 calories a day but only consume 1600 (400 is a good deficit).

    As the weight comes off if you have built muscle from the gym, you need to protect that by eating more protein in your diet.

    The last bit of fat is the hardest – but if you remain in a calorie deficit it will eventually go.

  9. W said:

    Hi mate

    This works wonders for me, i start noticing differences in a couple weeks. Basically I go find myself an up hill stretch, the park is usually convenient. I then Sprint up the hill about 30-40 meters as hard as i can, putting everything into it, i mean really trying hard. I then walk back down the same distance slowly, and when i reach the starting point I turn back around and Sprint up again as hard i can. I keep doing this until i can’t do it no more. Its hard to do alot of it to begin with but you build on it.

    Make sure to warm up, stretch, and warm down by gently jogging and finish with stretching. And make sure you have good footwear for your the sake of your knees. In total I usually take about 20-30 mins, between warming up, sprinting and warming down.

    Do that twice a week, build it up to 3. And do Ab training twice a week, building it up to 3. (I think twice a week is fine if you’re doing other training, you could do the Abs and then the sprinting).

    For ab training just do 12-15 crunches, then straight into 12-15 reverse crunches, and then straight into 12-16 air bike, then back to start without a break, and keep looping around until you can’t do no more. That should take you less than 10-15min. (take 30-60 sec break between each ab exercise if its too hard, but work it down to no break). Make sure you breathe in when you crunch, and exhale as you go to starting position, and make every crunch slow and hold it at the peak of the crunch for a couple seconds.

    Im no expert, or qualified in this field, but this has worked for me really well, the sprinting is the key.

  10. Louanne Dijulio said:

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