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Looking for travel insurance against possible Icalandic Volcano flight disruption?

My girlfriend and I are off to Ibiza in a few weeks time and are concerned that the icelandic volcano may scupper our flights andf leave us stranded. Has anybody been affected by this recently and can anybody offer advice on insuring ourselves so that we will be entitled to a refund if our holiday is cancelled?

I also require some medical insurance as I am being treated for a couple of problems so can anybody recommend a good insurance company to speak to regards this and the possible volcano disruption?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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One Response to “Looking for travel insurance against possible Icalandic Volcano flight disruption?”

  1. Tim said:

    Simply stated, travel insurance isn’t going to cover the volcanic ash. The eruption last month caused thousands of travel insurance claims to be filed. Most of the insurance companies are not paying these claims for multiple reasons. Some of them are “it’s a super rare occurrence,” “it’s an occurrence that was predicted..”…There are a few companies out there that are giving customers the money for their flight.

    For the ash cloud out there right now, those claims won’t get covered under the insurance companies saying that customers know about the cloud now and they know the danger ahead of time. But you don’t need travel insurance. Airlines that are canceling flights due to the cloud are offering customers full refunds and the ability to rebook to another flight. So, don’t waste your money on the travel insurance for the volcanic ash.

    Travel insurance is really good for the times where you absolutely cannot make your flight for things like sickness, car accidents, normal weather cancellations, or you lost your job before your trip.


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