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is prescription medicine still free at the age of 19 in the UK?

i know that when you go see your GP and he gives you a prescription, you can go to any chemist and get your medicine free if you are 16, 17 or 18 provided you are still in full time education … does this still apply if you’re 19 and still in full time education? is it free for any period when you are in full time education?

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9 Responses to “is prescription medicine still free at the age of 19 in the UK?”

  1. lazlouz2001 said:

    I think it is free if you are 19 and in full-time education

  2. JEN said:

    yes if you are in full time education

  3. Dawny said:

    i’m sure it is free as long as you have a student card to prove you are a student

  4. jd_elegance said:

    Yes provided you don’t have over a certain amount of money in the bank…you have to fill in a form, I think a HC1 or HC2

  5. kelly m said:

    To get free prescriptions for a 19 year old in full time ed you need to fill in a form available from the post office and most chemists I think it is called an HC2. If you are eligible for free prescriptions then you will be sent an HC1 form.

  6. blue eyes said:


  7. JOHN P said:

    You must be in full time education or on jobseekers allowance,income support.There is a list of possibilities on the back of your prescription.

  8. lucy said:

    I think that when you hit 19 you have to pay for prescriptions even if you are a student. the only thing that remains free is contraceptives.

  9. vicky s said:

    nope, you have to pay even if you are in full time education. i found this out when i was at unI! you can fill out a form to see if you are entitled to help with medical costs (it covers the dentist as well). i filled one of these out though and never even heard anything back about it!! still its worth doing!


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