How long would it take to lose fat by weight lifting?

Ok, so i’m looking for loooong term.

I use to be about 140 pounds. Somewhat athletic (did martial arts basically 7 days a week), but not very muscular (found out i was about 15% body fat). After college started i stopped doing that, but due to size of campus, walk 2-4 miles a day.

Anyways i jumped to 150 and fluctuated up and down around there in weight, but basically ate whatever i wanted….never really overate, but wouldn’t eat healthy (ice cream and what not)….but would pretty much stay at 150 for 4 years…

Until a year ago….

Winter came, i bundled up, when spring came i noticed my shirts were too tight. Jumped on a scale and i was 180.
Also noticed i lost some muscle. Sorta tried to diet, gave up, but same thing as before….i eat whatever i want and i stay at 180. Not getting any fatter.
I read that each pound of muscle burns about 30 calories a day and each pound of fat burns about 5 calories.

So in essence, 1 pound of muslce gained = 6 pounds of fat loss…..

Now i know really at first, i’ll just be 1 pound heavier. How long would it take to actually lose that weight. I’m thinking 3 months ish.

ALso, is their anyways to figure out how much muscle you are gianing??? Like pretend i bench 50 lbs, then i’m up to 70 a little later…any way to correlate that to pounds of muscle

Oh and i’m a 2 pack a day smoker so aerobic exercise isn’t an option.
See thats my point…i konw i’ll be gaining weight from muslce, but since i’m staying constant weight….my calorie intake is equal to what i burn.

So since muscle burns more calories than fat, my intake will be less than what a burn.

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3 Responses to “How long would it take to lose fat by weight lifting?”

  1. ahoyi_do said:

    If you want to lose weight, lifting isn’t going to help you any. Muscle adds pounds.

  2. thexrayboy said:

    You may not lose any weight at all, you may actually burn fat and increase muscle but muscle takes up less volume than fat and weighs more. You could actually get smaller around the waist yet not lose pounds. You have to burn 3000 calories more than you consume for every pound you wish to lose. Muscle burns calories quickly, fat does not.

  3. Richelle K said:

    when you walk make sure you’re walking fast enough to make it count as exercise. if you’re a little puffed but can carry a conversation, that’s the right amount, too puffed you’re working too hard, not puffed enough and there’s no point in doing it really. good luck!


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