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How long does it take to lose about 10-20 pounds on the bowflex?

I have a bowflex, but i don’t use it as often as i need to. Does anyone have a one? How long does it take to get those sexy abs? Do i do cadio and the bowflex, will that help to keep the weight off and loose it quickly? I weigh 150, 5’7. I want to loose about 15 to 20 in about 2 months. Is that possible??

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11 Responses to “How long does it take to lose about 10-20 pounds on the bowflex?”

  1. Krishna said:

    It’ll take forever on the bowflex. Running is the best.

  2. Penney S said:


  3. james e said:

    keep doing what your doing now, but you also need to watch what your taken in as far as starches, try to stay away from red meat for a bit.

  4. roy40372 said:

    maybe you could loose 10 lbs if you work hard and eat small portions and avoid soda plus keep the carbs to 60 per meal or lower

  5. Cam said:

    i don’t know but if u send me your bowflex, i can find out the sexy abs part for u

  6. kity w said:

    i know a site that specifies on that losing inches and keep your abs muscles

  7. rand a said:

    well, to lose one pound you have to burn off 3500 calories more than you eat. multiply that by 15 or 20. You are in decent shape already, or at least your are not excessivly overweight. I lost about that much with a halfazz diet and a 12 hour work day, and about 40 minutes a day lifting and an elliptical machine.

  8. cutie said:

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  9. yanzayn said:
  10. regmensibl said:
  11. yurijshumovskijo said:


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