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How do you keep your motivation to exercise and lose weight?

I am 43 yo male about 50# overweight. I feel good and it’s hard
to keep motivated to lose weight. I will get serious and lose 5-7# then
forget about it and gain it back. How do you keep it up?

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6 Responses to “How do you keep your motivation to exercise and lose weight?”

  1. mer_359 said:

    thinkin about how good you’ll look when you drop the weight

  2. Emma said:

    Honestly for me I just think of those jeans that I really really want…. but I’m a 17 year old girl so… yeah.

  3. David said:

    very tough for some people. i am 50 lbs. over weight. i go to the gym, and feel good. keeping the weight down to 180 is rough. my only success was with weight watchers. i couldn,t stick to their dietary requirements, as i like brats, ice cream, omelets, etc.

  4. thresher said:

    What are you eating,how much.Do you want to loose weight.Do you want to be healthy.Do you want o live longer,get with it.

  5. Annie said:

    It really is about changing it around and not getting bored with the exercise you are doing, as soon as an activity gets repetitive think of a new routine – be creative – go through a few different routines then come back to the first if you want. another way is not to have a routine but to put aside an hour (or however long you can) each day that you do some form of exercise – be spontaneous – you may think just because you don’t have a set routine that you won’t feel obliged to do the exercise but if you have the hour every day at the same time each day that is your routine(even if the exercise isn’t a set routine). the activity in itself doesn’t matter so much as long as you are getting out things like:

    *bike riding (fun)
    *circuit at a gym
    -all of these can be social times and enjoyable. get a friend to join a class with you and plan to walk/ride with another friend.

    you should keep the foods you adore in your diet so you don’t crave them when you haven’t had junk food in a while but to do that you should drop back on any extra snacks and things you have in your diet.

    *sorry for saying routine too much


  6. Befree said:

    Motivation is just one of the factors. I read a lot about this because I also struggle to keep the weight down. In one of the sites I found information that indicated to me that we must rather look for the reasons why we struggle to loose weight and keep it down.

    On this site a Doctor analyzed the causes associated with people getting fat and I for one found it very interesting that the doctor’s research showed that there are many other factors than overeating and too little exercise causing us getting fat.

    It is definitely worth reading:

    Hope you also find this interesting.


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