How do I lose weight from my belly without dieting? Someone said sit-ups dont actually get rid of the fat..?

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16 Responses to “How do I lose weight from my belly without dieting? Someone said sit-ups dont actually get rid of the fat..?”


    Sit-ups will only tone your abdominal muscles (a good thing.) They can make your belly LOOK smaller, because tightening the muscles acts like a girdle, and holds the abdomen in. But they don’t make you lose fat from your belly. Any exercise will burn fat, but it doesn’t take it from one place–it burns it from your whole body. So it will take a while to see results. You must exercise more and eat less to lose weight. There is no magic formula.

  2. Jackie H said:

    They don’t they just build up muscle under the fat and push it out more! You need to burn fat by aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, aerobics, cycling etc. Weight loss is a pretty simple formula, just burn off more calories than you take in. Once you’ve lost the fat you can do the crunches to develop the toned abs you want..

  3. chandra_snyl said:

    All abdomen exercises and situps will make you lose weight from your tummy!

  4. peter file said:

    Eat well and dont eat junk food(crisps,chocolate,sweets,ice cream),replace them with fruit and exercise.
    Sit ups will make you lose some weight but to lose weight use a croos trainer and dont bother with treadmills they are useless and you dont lose weight with them.
    Go for walks runs and the most enjoyable SEX!

  5. Bunny said:

    I’m a fitness coach at a wellness center. Yes, sit-ups will get rid of that belly lump. Get one of those huge fitness balls, (they sell them at Target stores, for about 20$), sit on it, and let it roll to the center of your back. lay flat, (not back, ) sit up, looking straight ahead, you’ll feel the burn where you need it, put on the IPod, and do as many as you can for a full song. Everyday do this, your belly will go away. remember to look straight ahead, not to the sides, or up! Good luck

  6. gmjc7 said:

    if you don’t want to diet then increasing your amount of excercise will definetly help. Doing sit-ups is a great way to burn calories, and will tone your stomach.

  7. eman f said:

    If you are really want to lose weight without diet or go to gym go to
    and there you will know more about your body and how much fat in your body , I use this program and I lost 4 Kg in just two week and I feel more great and energy in my body , and not just that you will know how you can management you weight after all
    I hope this will help and good luck

  8. N D said:

    Sit ups are exercise (yuo’re body’s moving) so they do the job. but go jogging as well,
    it works quicker.

  9. silverbullet said:

    Exercise does not act directly on fat. Exercise works your muscles. Your muscles burn food (calories). If you eat less than you use, your body uses up its stored food, fat, to fuel the muscles.

    Spot reducing is a myth. Exercising a specific body part to target fat in that area DOES NOT WORK.

    When you eat less than you burn, the fat comes off more or less evenly. You don’t get to pick what part goes first.

    Sit ups are good for strengthening abdominal muscles. If you have fat covering them, you can do situps all day long, and the fat will still be there.

    To burn calories quickly, you need to do an aerobic form of exercise. Something that elevates your heartrate. Running, swimming, biking are the best examples and most effective at doing this.

  10. tattie_herbert said:

    Yeah, moms right!
    Your belly will sadly be the LAST part of your body to lose its fat!

  11. SmartBlonde said:

    They are right. Sit-ups will merely tone up the muscles that are underneath the fat.

    If you don’t want to diet then you need to increase the amount of calories that you burn off by doing cardio vascular exercise like walking or running. You need to do at least 20 minutes before you start burning fat.

    Doing resistance exercise like weights and sit-ups will increase your muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism and will help burn fat faster.

    Alcohol slows down fat matabolism and recently there has been some news that it is easier to maintain a healthy body weight if you get plenty of sleep.

    It is impossible to lose fat from just one part of the body without surgery. You body decides where to store and where to burn the fat.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  12. philygrl72 said:

    It sounds to me like you want a quick fix. You will only lose weight by watching what you eat (eat sensibly) and through exercise.

  13. Ro' said:

    You can’t!

    Sit-ups make your abs stronger but if you have a layer of fat on top of them you aren’t going to be able to SEE your 6 pack!

    Another option is liposuction, but usually a good plastic surgeon won’t treat you if you haven’t dieted and exercised.

  14. dynamicdave1983 said:

    Detox, drink your own p*ss, our kelly did it and lost 18stone in a day!

    LOL Peter kay is the best!

  15. Rose Twoooo said:

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  16. moodyjamzboy said:

    on its own you will not burn the fat but you need to combined them with diet and jogging


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