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How can you get a body that is slim and toned, like nicole scherzinger’s ?

Okay, so i know that most of the pictures of celebrities are airbrushed but still… im rather flabby and fat and don’t have much tone at the moment so id like to achieve a slim, toned stomach.
Im prepared to put in hard work, and i have an exercise bike arriving on tuesday or wednesday, but id like some help on diet, exercises and muscle tone please 🙂 x

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2 Responses to “How can you get a body that is slim and toned, like nicole scherzinger’s ?”

  1. Jennifer said:

    Your best bet is a overall strengthening and toning workout. I would recommend Pilates, swimming, and yoga in that order.

    If you are currently overweight use those to supplement a good mix of strength and aerobic training.

  2. HAUSofAZZA said:

    Well Nicole does lots of exercise through dancing in concerts etc…
    That is how she gets it toned. I saw her on a interview saying that she doesn’t exercise because the dance routines are really intense. I also have been to see the PUSSYCAT DOLLS in concert and throughout the show the dance constantly.
    You could try dancing and maybe get a Wii FIT, it helps me stay toned and slim.
    It is good to sweat as it makes you loose more weight, you should sweat for at least 10 mins a day i read somewhere lol.
    Hope this helps……… =D
    P.S. also don’t forget that Nicole is only 19!
    your faithfully the !HAUSofAZZA! 😎


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