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Fat loss pill, but not water weight.?

Hi, I have been eating fairly healthy, and running consistenly for the past 3 months- but I cant seem to lose any of the fat from my stomach, or love handles(which is the only fat I have). What is the best pill to take, along with continuing healthy diet and exercise that will help me get rid of that fat. Please note, I do not want to lose muscle mass, nor do I just want to lose water weight. And are weight loss pills safe? Thanks

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6 Responses to “Fat loss pill, but not water weight.?”

  1. White Raven said:

    weight pills ab crunches should work

  2. LAURIE said:

    You will have side affects on weight pills. They can make you hyper, full of energy but can be addictive. The ones that claim to block the fat, may give diarrhea.
    Try to stay away from diet pills and exercise sensibly.

  3. Scabs said:

    no! do not take any of those pills. they are not helpful at all and many of them have or will have recalls. people who go this route are bound to be disappointed, if not worse off. see: phen-phen

    what id recommend is to monitor your carbs, up the veggie intake ((can never have too many veggies)), and keep alcohol intake low. alcohol tends to increase belly fat, as do carbs, esp. if youre prone to weight gain there. also, i do this and have done so for a long time. wrap your stomach in saran wrap before exercising. you sweat a whole lot more and i think you will definitely notice its impact over time. they actually have wraps like this too, you can buy in stores which are for the same purpose. you can even wear them when youre doing other things around the house or something. cardio decreases fat all over, so its a good way to get a little jump start to the tummy area.

    just remember, eat right and exercise are the only ways to health – outside and inside. stay away from those silly pills! good luck 🙂

  4. Jenn H said:

    I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I can lose weight just not the amount that I want or need to. I did find one product that has helped me reach my goal weight. Proactol is a fat binder. It reduces your fat intake and decreases your appetite. This is the only pill that I have tried that didn’t make me feel “funny”. It is 100% natural (thats what sold me). Last time I checked they were having a deal for half off. I copied the link for you.

  5. HelpingHand said:

    I found something that is going to be released to the public on June 1st.
    • Assists in promoting fat loss (Supported by US Patent 6,899,892)
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    • 7 years of Research & Development @ The University of Minnesota
    • Two (2) PATENTS for 29 Structure Function Claims;
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    • NO Stimulants
    • Includes Celadrin™
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    • Improves Waist Circumference: 62% improvement over Placebo;
    • Improves Weight Loss: 70% improvement over Placebo;
    • Improves Fat Loss: 92% improvement over Placebo;
    • Improves Body Fat Ratio: 121% improvement over Placebo

    In Just “8” Weeks, The test group had the following “RESULTS”
    21.5 lbs of body fat lost
    3.96 inces off their waist
    3.28 inches off their hips
    1.20 inches off each thigh

    If you have any questions please email me through my profile.

    Best Wishes,

    Rex White

  6. Brad G said:

    Fat burners and other weight loss products are at best a waste of money and at worst could damage your health. There is no substitute for proper diet and exercise no matter what the marketing gurus would have you believe. If you are really serious about losing weight you need to commit to a lifestyle change and follow a basic exercise and diet program.


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