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Does anyone know of a good Slimming World Chat Forum?

Hi I recently gave up using facebook but am mising the Slimming world support/chat group, does anyone know of one elsewhere online please?
Hi sorry Im not interested in potions which claim to aid weight loss…Im not on a diet its a healthy eating plan and its working fantastic for me, I just want to be in touch with other Slimming world members

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10 Responses to “Does anyone know of a good Slimming World Chat Forum?”

  1. ♥Miss Inquisitive♥ said:


    I found this one when I joined slimming world. I found great support on there, and also general chit-chat, plus recipes etc. I found it very helpful, and it’s also useful to find out syn values etc, if you don’t have access to syns online.

    They can’t share the password or anything, but most posters are quite helpful, and if they don’t have the syn values to hand, some will even calculate it for you using their access to the website etc.

    Good luck!!! I’ve kinda gave up due to consistantly struggling to stay on track. Hopefully, I’ll get back into it soon.

    Oh, almost forgot – here’s another one I found!

  2. Helen said:

    I saw this web site advertised, its a weight loss retreat, it looks beautiful and informal, which I like, just thought I would mention it.

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