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You in a gym running on a treadmill, power failure happens, what happens to you while running?

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15 Responses to “You in a gym running on a treadmill, power failure happens, what happens to you while running?”

  1. rAwKsTaR said :

    My guess is you go flying off backwards because of the pause in motion. Or you trip forwards. Hmm….now you got me wondering!

  2. Lusty Lush said :

    you probably go jolting back and fall on your butt!

    then sue the pants off of your gym!

  3. K K said :

    the machine stops and you keep on running untill you decide to stop.

  4. qtbaby4u said :

    ummm….you fall?

  5. N.FromVT said :

    You’d fall on your face. Others would laugh. In the dark.

  6. Hemz M said :

    u wud end up with a nose lik mikel jakson

  7. [email protected] said :

    make sure you are not behind an open window.

  8. Grump said :

    Treadmill? You having some kind of nightmare? A ridiculous invention.

  9. Archer said :

    If you go by the law of Physics that state ” a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless stopped by an outside force” then you would keep moving forward even though the treadmill rotates from front to back

  10. reggygakkar024 said :

    it doesn’t stop instantly it slows down then comes to a stop…now the real question were you ever running on a treadmill and your foot hit the platform on the side of treadmill that wasn’t moving???then you go flying off the end

  11. janny said :

    Splat ! probably right at the feet of the best looking guy who you’ve fancied for ages !

  12. T C said :

    the treadmill belt comes to a complete stop and if you don’t, you will run into the front of the treadmill. But you will stop, as the belt slows down before coming to a complete stop.

  13. Sean said :

    Well i would fell on my face for one or on my butt!! OOOwwww!! That hurts.. Lmao!!! Nice question!!

  14. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    A few things happen.

    Most treadmills in the gym are powered so when the power stops the motor will stop turning, because of the friction in the treadmill the belt will stop fairly quickly and the runner will go forward. If the belt stops too quickly the runner wont be able to stop in time and hit the FRONT of the machine (If the runner suddenly stops, that is when he flies backwards – drop your locker keys on the treadmill to see that happen)

    People will squeal because the lights will go off (people do that) so you will hear that.

    If you get of the treadmill in a controlled way (rather than an uncontrolled face first over the controls type if way) then you have to get out the gym to some light, carefully stepping over the prone treadmill users who didnt stop in time.

    It could be an interesting experiment to try!!

  15. asdfjkl n said :

    you explode.


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