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Would you like your medical insurance rates to be lower?

Will the liberals be forced to consider Republican cost cutting suggestions if they lose their super-majority tonight?

Here are a few: The fear of lawsuits cost the medical industry far more than the actual law suits cost by way of defensive medicine, but the liberals are way in bed with the trial attorney gang. A “treat and deport” policy for illegal aliens who enter our hospitals. Shopping for insurance across state lines.

There are numerous potentially good ideas coming from the right side of the isle. Shouldn’t they be discussed in a bipartisan effort to bring REAL health care reform to ALL Americans?

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7 Responses to “Would you like your medical insurance rates to be lower?”

  1. Freedom Wins III said :

    Nope, the dems will force it through the house as it came from the senate! Doesn’t have to be approved by the senate again! Bend over America, the Dems know what’s best for the American Public!

  2. SugarBear said :

    And when we have a truly bipartisan effort to reform the heath care issues in this country, I will jump on board.

  3. Maximus said :

    Does it not tell you anything when the stock market rises because the insurance and drug company profits are not being threatened by this reform because of what is happening in Massachusetts!

    Are Americans dumb or what???

  4. ideogenetic said :

    Lawsuits are the result of our failed system that doesn’t provide universal coverage. In systems with universal coverage where people are covered from cradle to grave, not entering and leaving the system like in the U.S., there is more health information available for health providers regarding their patient’s medical history. In our system, people who existed outside the system for decades shows up in critical condition and nobody knows who they are, what their contraindications are, what their allergies are, etc., which leads to mistakes under pressure to save lives and lawsuits. It also increases the costs of defensive medicine.

    If we had universal coverage (or a single-payer system) malpractice would be practically moot, unless the Republicans deregulate medicine and let snake-oil salesmen start practicing medicine again.

  5. tonalc2 said :

    Medical malpractice insurance accounts for about 1.5% of health care costs.

    Hospitals are not immigration officers.

    If insurance is opened across state lines, all the companies have to do is locate in the state with the most lax regulations for insurance companies, to the detriment of their policyholders. (Note that credit card companies are located in Delaware, the state with the most lax bank regulations.)

  6. correrafan said :

    The Republican party hasn’t said anything, or proposed anything, other than the status quo. I would guess that they either don’t know what’s going on, or don’t care.

    Even if I could afford to buy private health insurance, I can’t, because of 4 preexisting conditions, 3 of which are benign and controlled with office visits to my doctor, and the proper medications.

    I haven’t heard ANY proposals from the Right, other than keeping things the way they are. Why do you think that the economic pressure on the left is in favor of some kind of universal access to medical care? I’ll tell you why: Too many medical bankruptcies, even from those with insurance. Too many poor people who don’t qualify for Medicaid. To many unemployed who lose their health coverage when Cobra costs about 4/5ths of your monthly income to continue. Too many of the above groups using the ER for either routine care or genuine emergencies they can’t hope to ever pay for. Too many illegals in this country, which is a separate issue, anyway.

    I have lots of good ideas for health care reform. I don’t like the Obama plan much, either. But no one has asked me for my opinion, except here on Y!A. Obama didn’t ask anyone else for their input, either, except the insurance lobby.

  7. Christine K said :

    I do.


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