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Would i become fitter if i started Running 3km on treadmill everyday ?

If i carried on eating normally and started running daily would i see a significant change in fitness ?!

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10 Responses to “Would i become fitter if i started Running 3km on treadmill everyday ?”

  1. B=] said :

    YES!!! Tons! Ive been running more or less everyday for almost a year now and it did wonders for my health and fitness!

  2. Yeti said :

    It depends on what “eating normally” includes. Usually people starting an exercise routine have significant diet changes to make as well.

    And you’d see more of a benefit than if you did nothing, but 3km per day likely isn’t enough to notice any significant, rapid change. It’s barely at the fitness maintenance level, if even that.

    You really need to do at least 30-45 minutes per session, though you can go every other day for your body to recover if you’d like, especially in the early stages.

  3. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Yes, make the 3km run a hard run and you will see an improvment quite quickly. Don’t just jog along for 3km, but work hard and you will get bit returns

  4. david said :

    well, i would say go outside and run. but if u have to a treadmill is ok to run on. u would get way more fit running on the road or a track.

  5. James said :

    For once, I have to say EVERYONE ABOVE IS WRONG! Run training with the same distance every day ends with your fitness going down the drain quickly.

    Fitness involves placing a stress on the body-exercise. Exercise then causes fitness to go down. Then, the body “overcompensates”, improving your fitness above normal levels. But this only happens during rest.

    Running the same distance every day, your body will soon not be affected by running 3k every day. Soon, your fitness will hit a brick wall, and end up going into a constant decline. And that isnt the definition of “fitter” is it?

    You need to increase distances, include intervals (mixing fast and slow paces at exact distances), and threshold (holding a fast pace for extended period of time). I know from experience, that when i started including these sessions in my training, I ended up losing 2 minutes from my 5k time. Every 1 paced session I did after intervals, i got a new PB for the distance. Tell me that isnt good!

    Vary your running. Run 1k at pace you can only just hold for the distance, then run 1k at a gentle pace. Repeat at least 3 times. That’s one interval session. This time, your fitness will improve.

  6. KC said :

    James is spot on.

    3km a day would definitely burn calories if this is what your after. It would also carry health benefits such as maintaining normal bloody pressure and things like that.
    HOWEVER if physical fitness is what you are looking for, the hard work threshold is much higher. To keep increasing your fitness the body must experience strain in order for it to adapt and become fitter.

  7. Stephanie W said :

    Of course.

  8. Vlad the Inhaler said :

    The short answer is yes you would.
    However there is some truth in what James has said.

    It would be better if you start with your idea and then extend your distance as time goes on.

    once you are comfortable with 3k make it 4k then keep adding a km on over time.

    Ideally you should try to get to at least 10k……..this way you will benefit from the effects of running……which you will find is incredibly enjoyable………below this 10k you are unlikely to achieve the benefits of running at which point it becomes a bit of a chore and not a delight.

    I am sure you will feel much better as a person from an effort to get fit.
    As a fit body helps create a fit mind.

  9. David Robsill said :

    This is great stuff. The training footballers do os exactly the same style that is why they are so fit.

    David Robsill
    Live Football

  10. zee said :

    Well, I started running for 3km every single day after i heard that there is a proven theory that if some one runs the above distance every day for a period of around a year or so there are higher chnaces that he/she is going to improve his/his memory.
    This is proven by making an experiment on 60 people observing their progress by the experts (as i heard this in a television show)
    I only did it for a months or so yet but I can feel an improvement in my memory and my weight has gone down too(Although i weight train too after i finish running every day)
    Hope this may help someone looking for kinda different info.
    Thx zee


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