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would 10 pounds of fat loss be really noticeable on me?

i’m 126 pounds and 5’4

how noticeable do you think it’ll be? and where do you think i’ll most likely lose it?

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5 Responses to “would 10 pounds of fat loss be really noticeable on me?”

  1. TrUe PiNk LoVE said:

    not really because im 123 pounds and 5’4 and i think it wount be noticeable but lyk 15 or 20 pounds will be noticeable for sure cause thats how much im losing:)

  2. me said:

    i asked the same ? earlier because i didnt really seem to notice it but every one else did. So im gonna say yes it wont be that noticible but people will see a difference. And where will you lose it depends on you and your genes…In my case the first place i lose weight is from my boobs then my stomach then my face then finally my legs/butt. But that is just me you are probably different.

  3. Failure Rice said:

    If you lose ten pounds, it will bring your BMI from being on the higher side of healthy, to being on the lower side of healthy. You will still be considered a healthy weight. Your weight loss should, however, be noticable, since it is a significant loss.
    As far as where you’ll lose it, it’s impossibly for me to say, since it all depends on your ody type and where your weight is concentrated.

  4. Masseur_at_Play said:

    I think it would be noticeable expecially if you exercise some while dropping it. As for where you would most likely lose it, I would measure your chest and your hips and if they are different I’d say you would most likely drop the weight from the larger of the two, more towards an hour glass figure, if they are already even then you are more likely to drop the weight more generally all over including your waist.

  5. xOx_xOx said:

    Honestly, it’s hard to tell without knowing your exact body type. All people are different, but you can target specific areas through certain exercises. Be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink lots of water, and do at least 20 minutes (preferably more) of cardio a day to up your metabolism, aside from place-specific exercises such as crunches (abs) and squats (thighs).


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