will stopping smoking reduce my resting heart rate?

i never believed it . But now I haven’t smoked for 3 days and my heart rate went from the 80s to the 60s! Although I have ALSO been working out .

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2 Responses to “will stopping smoking reduce my resting heart rate?”

  1. Charly Hayes said:

    Congrats on stopping the smoking! Your heart is thanking you for giving it a break. It now does not have to work so hard to pump O2 into the rest of your body. As for working out! Again, congrats, now you are making it easier for the heart to pump again and creating more vascular pathways. Athletes generally have nice slow heart rates so it is not a problem.
    PS– now try to get away from the coffee
    Good luck trouper!
    Charly H

  2. john r said:

    yes it will..

    also smoking causes an irregular heart beat.. in fact the dirty little secret is, smoking kills more from cardiac damage, than cancer.. staying clean from nicotine will help your circulation too..

    the good news is that i now have been quit for over 5 years.. i quit trying to quit alone, and joined a support group.. i attend nicotine anonymous meetings both locally and on line.. on line voice meetings are he as close as your computer, and you can attend while still smoking, before actually attempting a quit.. however you decide to quit good luck, there is simply no wrong way to quit!!

    Nicotine Anonymous is a Non-Profit 12 Step Fellowship of men and women helping each other live nicotine-free lives. Nicotine Anonymous welcomes all those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction, including those using cessation programs and nicotine withdrawal aids. The primary purpose of Nicotine Anonymous is to help all those who would like to cease using tobacco and nicotine products in any form. The Fellowship offers group support and recovery using the 12 Steps as adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to achieve abstinence from nicotine.


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