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Will losing weight help my husbands blood pressure go down?

My husband just went to the doctor and he said that my husbands weight went up 9 pounds. Also his blood pressure went up by 11 points. Now he’s gotta go on higher blood pressure meds which he’s not too happy about. Would losing weight help him to be able to lower his dose of medication?

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4 Responses to “Will losing weight help my husbands blood pressure go down?”

  1. Rolland T. Ziggamore said:

    Not so much loosing weight but doing exercise will really help his blood pressure. If he can go jogging a little and add more every day, he’ll get his pressure to a healthier, and in the process weight may be lost, but its more important to get him in some moderate shape to lower the pressure.

  2. ツBow Chica Wow Wow said:


  3. Kayla R said:

    yes, my grandpa lost some weight and lost almost 4 of his medications.

  4. SugarBabie said:

    Losing weight generally helps people reduce their blood pressure. Weight loss involves not only losing body fat, but it also reduces the amount of blood that your heart has to pump, and the pressure required to get it through the entire system. It also reduces the risk of damage to your kidneys (high blood pressure damages them).

    It will also help reduce the risk of diabetes too.

    There are no guarentees of course, but it should help.

    Exercise would also help bring his blood pressure and his stress levels down, diet alone is not the only way to reduce it. A combination of a better diet and increased activity is the best way to go.

    Get his doctor’s approval on both first though, as he does have some health risks associated with high blood pressure.


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