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Will jumping rope make me lose weight fast?

im thinking about losing a couple of pounds by jumping rope. Also i have kinda fat calves and wanna lose fat there too. My question is will jumping rope make me lose weight fast? and will it make my calves smaller? (when i flex my calves, i can still grab some fat T.T)

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8 Responses to “Will jumping rope make me lose weight fast?”

  1. Steve said :

    …well if your heavy your calves are huge! pretty much by default @_@ and jump roping involves your calves…have access to an elliptical?

  2. PinkyPiggy said :

    Yes. Jumping rope is a good, intensive cardio workout, and like all cardio exercises, will help you lose weight, but don’t over-exert yourself! But, if you want to tone your calves, jumping rope over a long period of time will build up muscle, perhaps making your calves larger, so I wouldn’t recommend you doing it for too long.

  3. Holly said :

    yes it definitely will, but try doing it outside and take advantage of the hot summer heat. sweating makes you burn more calories. also eat healthy and drink lots of water.

  4. Lidy said :

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  5. Melody said :

    jumping rope will definitely help you to burn off the calories but don’t be surprised if your calves don’t shrink any because jumping rope involves all of your legs, ESPECIALLY your calves, You’ll just be making the transition from fat to muscle in that area. I have massive calves for a girl my size, I thank my dad for that, but they look great in heels believe it:D You can totally rock that.

  6. jessica_loves_lisa_bird said :

    hello 🙂

    jumping rope for 20 mins is equal in fitness work out to doing a light jog for 30 mins.

    jumping rope is a definite YES. its good for losing weight around your tummy area as well as other places.
    good luck x

  7. John said :

    My friend has been thinking about trying the Acai Berry. She heard on Oprah and Rachel Ray that it works really well. You might want to check it out.

  8. Angela said :

    well… jumping rope doesn’t aid in losing a great amount of weight, or toning everywhere else. It does help your legs though. A great way to focus on your calves is to stand behind a chair and put your hands on the back so that you can balance. And stand on your toes and go down but don’t let your heels touch the ground, then go back up, and do it until you start to feel it burn. It really seriously works.


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