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Will I still see fat loss if I do HIIT 4x a week and steady state cardio 2x a week?

I mean, I know HIIT burns more fat, but am I doing enough steady state cardio to balance it out?

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2 Responses to “Will I still see fat loss if I do HIIT 4x a week and steady state cardio 2x a week?”

  1. silverbullet said :

    You are better off thinking in terms of miles per week. Fat loss is more directly related to total calorie consumption than how you get there. If you run 50 miles per week, doing it long and slow, fast, or as intervals makes only a little difference in total calories consumed.

    HIIT, or intervals, as most actual athletes (as opposed to “fitness faddists”) know, are a valuable addition to the workout toolbox for a lot of reasons, but don’t do anything special in terms of burning fat vs. carbohydrates.

    More miles = more calories burned = more fat lost

    For more information than you wanted on fat metabolism, see below:

  2. Plaztik said :

    Steady state cardio is passé. You don’t really need to do anything to balance HIIT out. It’s already the best cardio you can do. I would just stick with HIIT every day and you will see the best results.

    HIIT is more effective because it raises your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories over a longer period of time. These calories don’t show up on the machine, like steady state, but the calories reported by the machines are flubbed by the manufacturers anyway. Just ignore calorie counts.

    Good luck!


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