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will dieting alone give me a flatter stomach or will i need to exercise as well?

im going to eat pretty much nothing just breakfast, small lunch and tea
and i don’t wanna go gym :l

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One Response to “will dieting alone give me a flatter stomach or will i need to exercise as well?”

  1. ? said :

    It’s good to eat little and often of course – but you wanna make sure you are eating enough nutritionally as basically if you don’t take in certain vits/minerals then you won’t be able to break down fat easily, or at all! I would try to eat small snacks every few hours as it will keep your metabolism up if you need to burn fat.

    It depends on how much weight you are carrying – I never used to have a belly, always had quite a flat tummy but I really piled on the pounds and it finally went to my stomach area so obviously after going on my diet my tummy is now quite flat – but depends how much you need to lose to know what your natural shape is! If you are naturally quite tummy-ish, dieting can’t really change your shape I’m sad to say! It’s just the way it is – and you don’t want to be ridiculously skinny elsewhere as that will look bad with a rounded tummy.

    I would recommend trying to tone up at home if you arn’t up for the gym- get an exercise DVD or if you have a Wii, the Wii Active game ( this is a great one!), or Wii Fit.
    Hope that helps, but really the key points are that you need to know what your natural shape is and where you tend to hold weight, then figure out how much weight you need to lose to be an average size, and tone up if need be to see if that shapes you up! Good luck!!


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