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Why would honey help wit weightloss?

me have large kneecaps
mee needy diet help
i’s be wondrin if honey realla realla truely like helpin wit weight loss to fellow weight loss veterans

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2 Responses to “Why would honey help wit weightloss?”

  1. Ms.Firefly said :

    i dont know i dont understand

  2. saavvy_4u said :

    The honey is one kind of natural nutriment, it contains high quality sugar, Vitamin as well as the mineral substance and so on, may burn the human body energy. In three meals a day, so long as joins some honey, may avoid the fat agglomerating in the human body.

    The honey has the fine sterilizing effect and the disintoxicating effect, it is helpful in discharges in vivo agglomeration under waste in vitro, enables whole body’s metabolism function to be improved, causes these, because cannot consume well, but agglomerates in vivo the unnecessary fat obtains the combustion as the energy.

    The honey’s sugar can ship from the stomach to the blood, will turn the energy, relieve fatigue very quickly. As a result of the blood sugar value rise, the empty stomach feeling also vanished.

    How to use the honey to lose weight?
    If you want to try, may do according to the following method.
    Before breakfast may drinking water joins the honey, when the lunch and the supper eats the few gruel. The person eats the honey two days later felt the body is relaxed, the mood is happy. Five day later may eat the thing which the noodles and some easy to digest, then restores the original diet slowly.

    Uses such loses weight method, many people lose weight 3 kilograms in 3 days. Then, constipation symptom as well as hot and bothered feeling may also eliminate.


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