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Why is P90X so effective for fat loss when it only has 2 cardio sessions a week?

In the “Classic” P90X program it only has Kenpo X and Plyometrics, thats only 2 days worth of cardio.
So how comes P90X is good for fat loss?
I’v always been told that 2 days of cardio a week is not enough for fat loss.
oh right, so can lifting weights also help reduce body fat?

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5 Responses to “Why is P90X so effective for fat loss when it only has 2 cardio sessions a week?”

  1. Hella Mcguyver said :

    Weight lifting burns more calories than cardio.

    You heard wrong.

  2. Christopher said :

    Its because of the weights.

  3. Cute as a... HIPPO! said :

    Weight training exercises keep burning calories even after you’ve stopped while cardio only burns fat while your exercising.

  4. Marie said :

    because you’re doing intense weight training. weight lifting actually burns more calories and raises your metabolism longer/ more than any form of cardio. like when you do cardio you’re metabolism is amped up for the next few hours as well, but with weight lifting, studies have shown that metabolism stays elevated for more than 24 hours after a good, serious weight lifting session. cardio is also good to burn fat, but a combination, like p90x is the best way. good luck!

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  5. Derek Friesen said :

    p90x have you done it, All the routines I have done are Very high tempo with short breaks and lots of moving fast, This is totally cardio and strength workouts,

    Jogging for 30 mins is cardio ya?

    P90xs gets your heart going way faster then in jogging, way more sweat, way more tears, pushup variation then jump squats, backto back with more after that. definitley goes down in my books as cardio, its strength too.


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