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why is it that smoking makes you lost weight?

is it physical cause it speeds up your metabolism or just sorta mental coz you smoke out of boredom instead of eating out of boredom.

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37 Responses to “why is it that smoking makes you lost weight?”

  1. blue said :

    its an appetite suppressant.

  2. misskate12001 said :

    It doesn’t make you lose weight. It’s an appetite suppressant so you don’t eat as much or as often.

  3. adsmith50 said :

    Both. Your body is working harder to get rid of the chemicals that you are inhaling and going through your bloodstream and also takes care of your oral habit as well.

  4. KrazyHorse said :

    i don’t think it does, its just that people smoke instead of eating properly, thats why

  5. vietster said :

    it makes you lose weight? i know enough ppl who smokes but they still the same..

  6. referee said :

    Poeple who smoke are doing that instead of eating, people who don’t smoke tend to snack more often.

  7. cathyyy said :

    yes, it speeds up metabolism. Alot of people have a smoke instead on a snack.

  8. ricky said :

    what a load of tosh i know loads of fat smokers

  9. ashley t said :

    it causes your metabolism to increase just a little bit, also that it replaces eating for many people. It also burns a few calories. But, it’s better to have a few extra pounds then to smoke. And this is coming from a smoker! heh

  10. livie :) said :

    you dont want to eat as much

  11. RLJ said :

    It’s because people tend to smoke instead of eating.
    That’s why when people stop smoking, they usually put on weight

  12. chi-chi said :

    Simple, because it is too expensive, and you can’t afford to buy food.

  13. Marie C said :

    because you brain needs the nicotine more than food so the smoking wins and you eat less

  14. NYCTAXIMAN said :

    Speeds up metabolism (not always the case) and you eat less. Your lungs are clogged with black layers of smoke and it will cause you to not be hungry.

    If you are looking to lose weight. A good balance diet and exercise is the key.


  15. karen h said :

    very often..when i am short of time at lunch or tea break – i will have a ciggie instead of something to eat…daft i know.

  16. Tracy L said :

    cigarettes are appetite represents!! They make the food taste more bland….. When you stop smoking you can taste how good the food is and eat more out of enjoyment, when you smoke you eat for survival instead of for the wonderful taste!!!!

  17. dickn2000a said :

    Smoking causes cancer. Cancer causes you to lose weight.

  18. DRH said :

    Nicotine, a very powerful drug.

  19. black_mamba_1992 said :

    I’m not sure about the metabolism thing, but I know that they kill your appetite before they do anything else which is a sure reason why people lose weight when they smoke.

  20. DEBORAH M said :

    it is an appetite depressant

  21. Cynthia said :

    Because lung cancer reduces the appetite.

  22. heavymetalbitch said :

    smoking is supposed to dull your taste buds, so you are not as hungry. and if you are trying to stop smoking you eat more as you need something to occupy you.

  23. Oh_Baby_Oops said :

    most people i know who smoke eat plenty as well, but if you want it to help u lose weight itll kind of suppress your apetite! but thats just crap if you enjoy food! dont do it.

    plus u die of lung cancer, unable to breathe without a machine.

  24. The Dude @ Boston said :

    Well, when they take out a lung, you lose a few pounds.
    When you undergo Chemo, you tend to vomit quite a bit.

  25. Paula R said :

    In short, it doesn’t. Not for me at least.

  26. howdymel said :

    That is often only a temporary effect. Remember that people who smoke are less likely to exercise, so eventually the weight will catch up with them.

  27. D.W said :

    it just lessens your appetite. There’s nothing in cigarettes that work at speeding up your metabolism or a slimming agent.

  28. fuzz714 said :

    Most people (especially women) start smoking trying to lose weight but, there are no studies that actually prove that smoking leads to weight loss. And most people that smoke are also inactive (because like you said they smoke out of boredom).

  29. Thomas Dunn said :

    nicotine has effects on your central nervous system increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals have been shown to create a good mood and can somehow reduce cravings for food. Weather this makes you eat less or not depends on the person and their usual eating habits.

    This is not a way to loose weight! Especially as if you are only trying to smoke for a few months to ‘diet’ then when you quit you will lower your levels of dopamine and serotonin which will make you crave nicotine and whilst trying to break this habit you will resort to, you guessed it, eating to occupy yourself!

    The best way to diet, and i hate to say and hear this, is a calorie controlled diet and moderate exorcise.

    Hope this helps


    Student Doctor

  30. Lorraine F said :

    it supresses yur appatite a little but instead of having a bite to eat yu have a cigerette and that satisfies you until yoy feel hungry again

  31. Tissa said :

    Smoking can be an appetite suppressant. It’s also an oral fixation. Instead of eating people smoke. Which is why many people who quit smoking gain weight. They still have that oral fixation and eat instead of chewing gum or something that has fewer calories and still engages the facial muscles.

  32. KENNETH S said :

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  33. James G said :

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  34. NEIL G said :

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  35. SUZANNE L said :

    Hello, I have lost weight since I gave up smoking. I was a bit fat and smoked, but was scared to give up because everybody told me that I would put on weight if I gave up. Maybe if I stayed in front of the TV eating instead of smoking I would have got bigger, but since I gave up smoking I have felt more energetic and healthy, so I go to the gym and have taken up martial arts. I think that smoking speeds up your heart rate a tiny bit, but it’s nothing compared to exercise. Even a walk would make you lose more weight than a cig. I just felt fat and lazy while I smoked and couldn’t do anything.

  36. andresMD said :

    Smoking causes CANCER dammitt!!

  37. Rumble Rollers said :

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