Why is Green Tea so good for dieting?

know it is meant to boost your metabolism but how does it do that? And what are these “toxins” its flushing out? And are they any other nutritional benefits of drinking it?

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5 Responses to “Why is Green Tea so good for dieting?”

  1. Wasabi said:

    It has the effects of a placebo

  2. billy said:

    It helps appetite supression and boosts metabolism

  3. Kel said:

    It also mobilizes free fatty acids.

  4. Dr Frank said:

    Ok it does not help you lose weight, it does not flush out toxins and does not affect your metabolism at all, it is all urban myth I am afraid.

  5. moiya said:

    Caffeine (yes there is caffeine in green tea) is a appetite suppressant.


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