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Why has any type of laxatives turned into a NEW hit weightloss?

Y is this something that works so well. However it works im sure its not good for the body? I know females that are dropping off weight faster then U could ever think by doing this. Its crazy!

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4 Responses to “Why has any type of laxatives turned into a NEW hit weightloss?”

  1. vicycat said :

    You answered your own question.

  2. flowersfromheaven said :

    Hell no! what ever happened to diet and exercise. So many people are worried about what their bodies look like on the outside they are forgetting to take care of them on the inside, there are people out there who smoke just to suppress their appetites, smoking, come on. Stay away from those damn laxatives, their are women every where now sh*tting in hot tubs on accident because of all these damn laxatives.

  3. Quicksand said :

    because it is easier than workout and will not take time to lose but this will not benefit them because laxatives always take all the nutrition in the body out and your body’s energy will be low the workout and training keep the body muscles powered by energy

  4. Number Ten said :

    Laxatives stimulate the large bowel to empty, but this happens only after the food and calories have been absorbed by the small intestines. Taking laxatives to control weight is only going to cause the person’s body to lose fluid, which can be followed by periods of water retention and an appearance of bloating (causing the individual to want to lose more weight and use more laxatives).

    So laxatives don’t help you lose weight, since your body absorbs the calories anyways..


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