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why do the front of my shins hurt whilst running on a treadmill?

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12 Responses to “why do the front of my shins hurt whilst running on a treadmill?”

  1. BobbyBoy said :

    You have shin splinters, warm up more concentrating on the bottom half of your legs.
    It will go away its no permanent.

  2. Queenslander. said :

    It could be shin splints.

  3. hunneybunney said :

    Because you have shin splint where the muscle starts pulling away from the bone.. I get it too.. but i dont get it when i run normally along the road or whatever… its because you run differently on the machine… dont do it and stick to other machines.

  4. old know all said :

    It’s a type of cramp. Make sure you’re not dehydrated when you start exercising and build up gradually.

  5. cbled33 said :

    You have what is called shin splints which are caused by several things. the surface and/or shoes are good causes of shin splints. Your legs were not meant to take the kind of forces caused by running. try a different pair of shoes or running on grass (has a more cushioning affect than asphalt or concrete. or better yet try fast pace walking , it has the same cardiovascular workout as running but is alot less stressful on the joints.

  6. Kuntryfun said :

    All above are good answers. Something else to consider…you may be slamming your feet down too hard, the incline on the mill makes you “dig” too hard with your feet (especially in front underpad ) putting a strain on the muscle in the shin.

  7. Leah B said :

    because you have shin splints – ice is the best cure

  8. Nick G said :

    it could either be shin splints—no use warming up, just dont exercise till they stop hurting. but as you are running on a treadmill i dont think it is shin splints as tread mills cussion your bounce…i think it is poor core strength, which is what i had leading to shin pains, so if you work on core strength/stability it should also help.

    and also you shouldnt continue if you feel pains as you may make it worse.

    Running on a machine is also better than on roads, as it leads to less impact on the joints, so as some people find it easier to run on a treadmill i find it boring so i like to run on grass as it is more scenic and fun.

  9. westgxcfreak said :

    you have SHIN SPLINTS, ice 10 min on, 10 min off for 3-5 hrs after running, don’t use icy hot/bengay they can kill you if overused, and take a day running on trails at a park, the flatness of the treadmil is difficult just like tracks and roads, that’s why it is a constant complaint of runners, and strech your calvs really well befor and after you exercize!

  10. haphe said :

    be careful when diagnosing shin splints, there are many forms of this pain and you WILL know when you have real shin cannot run any further.

    think of your arch as a shock absorber, depending on the type of foot you have (Flat through to high arch, supportive vs weak ankles, volume of foot and spread of the volume etc) depends on how the foot will react to each stride. if you can put a small incline on the treadmill, it helps as it will force you to get onto your toes and reduce the shock on your heels, although this should be introduced incrementally – it may be the cause shin pain.

    However, I believe the majority of your pain may be caused through excess rolling of your ankle inward and I would suggest a form of gait analysis to ensure you are running in the correct shoe. with the amount of time spent running on treadmill and concrete, dunlop gutties won’t cut it. all the big brands offer good shoes (from £40 up) and they come in a range from super cushioned for the stablest runners through to high stability for the bigger/weaker ankled runner.

    This choice is far too complex to determine online so get to a specialist running shop and ask for a foot assessment. most good stores will do this for free and as a matter of course and explore the shoe possibilities with you.

    by way of reference, i currently work with a running store in glasgow during my studies and I engineered a major german manufacturers running/soccer shoes for a year internship.

  11. vasco said :

    shin spilts ice ur legs everyday before and after going on the treadmill

  12. STEPHEN M said :

    sounds like you have shin splints


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