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Why do people seek shortcuts for weightloss?

Why does it seem that people are always looking for shortcuts for weightloss, when they really should just eat right and get a bit of exercise? Is there something I’m not following in the logic?

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26 Responses to “Why do people seek shortcuts for weightloss?”

  1. Isabela said :

    because they are lazy.

  2. ????????????Unknown???????????? said :

    to show off

  3. Misty Bella said :

    because we all want instant gratification

  4. mikah_smiles said :

    It’s the modern lifestyle. Everything is a shortcut. Instant gratification! Why work hard when you DESERVE to get this stuff RIGHT NOW!

    Same reason why credit card debt is rampant.

  5. VERMONT said :

    ~ laziness ~

  6. Dimple said :

    Because here in America, we are lazy and want everything really quick and really easy.

  7. Chilly Bones <3 said :

    nah its not you . everyone is always looking for a magic pill and the easy way out. its human nature that people are just lazy!

  8. the VarN said :

    Because they are FAT and LAZY. They want everything handed to them.

  9. Hitler said :

    No, you’re dead on!

    People are just hoping that someone will enlighten them and tell them that you only have to sit on your couch and eat potato chips to lose weight.

  10. ktray1275 said :

    they didnt look for the shortcut to the fridge

  11. Heads up! said :

    Because fat people are lazy.

  12. Caesarion said :

    Because it’s just too hard for some people to eat right and exercise. So they turn to things like diet pills, surgery and whatever else sounds promising.

  13. gsxr650 said :

    You sound like my b/f. I tell him that i am a woman of results, I want them now, I do eat good and exercise, and when i want to lose weight , they are vanity pounds, but i will take a helpful supplement to show me the results i want.
    Strictly because i am stubborn and if i can get it with a pill, then i can get it faster.. .

    SO in answer to the question – America gets lazier and lazier each generation… We came up with toilet that wipes our own As$, Lights that turn on and off with a clap, a car that will start from the key chain…..

  14. trainer53 said :

    That’s a easy one-they want fast and easy. They want to lose weight with a pill so they don’t have to do anything for it, and they want it off now.

  15. Counselor said :

    Because we want a miracle pill to make us this. Weight loss is hard work and takes dedication. I’m fat and I know the only to get thinner is to regularly exercise and eat a balanced diet. Even with that knowledge, I struggle with my weight.
    I suppose I should stop playing around on the computer, get my fat tushy up and exercise!

  16. glenn s said :

    Mainly because of being lazy, another reason people want immediate results not 5 weeks down the road. People don’t want to sacrifice eating habits; or simply people don’t want to make sacrifices

  17. chmar11 said :

    People like shortcuts, whats wrong with shortcuts?
    And people who are trying to improve their health
    because they are wanting to lose weight probably
    don’t have a lot of time to devote to exercising for
    a whole hour or however long.

  18. siaosi said :

    Time is of the essence,haven’t you noticed?

  19. evon stark said :

    I think that once people decide to go on a weight loss program..they want to get to it fast..see results fast..get it happening before they lose the courage to do so.It does take a lot of courage to go through a massive life style change such as a strict diet.It takes one out of their comfort zone and they want to see something happening right away so that their suffering will make some sense to them…Just my theory thats all.

  20. lil d said :

    The logical answer is they are just trying to please others like their girlfriend etc.They need to realize that if that person accepted them they would not be having this problem.Or they are just trying to draw attention, fit into clothes or resist taunting.

  21. AuntLala said :

    Despiration, frustration, and as a by-product of our culture, instant gratification.

    If it takes too much time to see results, we lose interest and view the entire endeavor as irrelevant.

  22. samootch said :

    Some people get into life-long habits that are really hard to break(and hard for other people to understand) Some people have slow metabolisms. People often get depressed and tired and have depleting motivation, because of lack of confidence. Other people look in the mirror and feel, why should I try I’m not worth it. Some people are just very busy. There are heaps of reasons, But I think you’ll find that rarely it is because they are lazy. Not everyone is as well adjusted as you and you should keep these things in mind.

  23. kitty said :

    Desperation. Fear of being hated in their peers eyes. Family being ridiculed. I could go on forever cause i have seen desperation ..

  24. countryside_quilter said :

    First of all ‘fat’ is the result of overeating which I think is the result of all the ‘fast food’ you can buy now and the sweets/junk/desserts that are so addicting. And you always want to look good and if you can have your cake and eat it too there is a shortcut to weight loss. But not, only in hopes and dreams that someday there will be a ‘pill’ to melt fat. No logic required, it is a mental illness.

  25. Snowy Niner said :

    Because we all want to look like you silly – NOT!

  26. sweet_ cheeks said :

    beacuse they are lazy and no self dicipline


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