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Why do doctors give small children really horrible tasting medicine?

My daughter has been given some this morning and I know it is gonna be a battle to get her finish the course.

Any suggestions??
It smells yummy but tastes awful

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7 Responses to “Why do doctors give small children really horrible tasting medicine?”

  1. Ben Dover said :

    The pharmacist can add a kid-friendly flavor to just about any medication.

  2. rami said :

    add little sugar

  3. Thomas195 said :

    It really isn’t that awful tasting. It is just that little kids hate everything 🙂

  4. santobugito said :

    because they work. There job is to make sure that the kids get better, not that the stuff tastes good. That’s the pharmacists job lol.
    Did they put flavoring in it? If it’s not covering it up enough, you can take it back and have them add more, so it’s not as nasty.

  5. Bon S said :

    Speak to your doctor or pharmacist, they can prescribe a different flavour such as orange.

    Hope this helps

  6. bananafish6726 said :

    Pharmacies these days offer a variety of flavors which can be added to make children’s medicine more agreeable. But honestly, I think their are some drugs that just taste terrible and there is not much that can be done to cover the taste. After all, drugs are nothing but chemicals and are designed to treat an illness, not taste good.

  7. princess M said :

    You should look into seeing if the pharmacy can add flavor to it,they usually have a variety of flavors to choose from.I know Walgreen’s does it and it costs $2.99. If the medicine was prescribed by a doctor you should try to call the pharmacy first to see if you could it bring back to have them add the flavor to it. I had them flavor some antibiotics to taste like watermelon for my child,and it made all the difference.

    *If you can’t get the medicine re-flavored have her hold her nose so can’t smell the medicine while you give it to her,some say you can’t taste it if you do that.*

    I hope this was helpful,Take Care!!! 🙂


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