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why can’t people under 18 use slimming websites like tesco diets and weight watchers?

i don’t understand why people under 18 can’t use slimming/health websites like tesco diets and weight watchers. when there is an epidemic of childhood obesity.

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11 Responses to “why can’t people under 18 use slimming websites like tesco diets and weight watchers?”

  1. doodah said :

    because they should be doing sport at school instead of eating all the pies !

  2. scarletgreen22 said :

    Because you are still growing and diets if used badly can effect your growth so sites like tesco protect themselves by making it for over 18’s only so if a child decides to diet a company like tesco cannot be sued by parents if something happens to the child

  3. cuervo_gold_nights said :

    because sometimes it involves recommending dietary changes or meds and has only been tested on people over 18.

  4. Dee S said :

    Weight watchers doesn’t have an age limit, you can go whatever age you are. Obesity in children has to be treated carefully because the child is still growing, and a big change in diet could stump growth. Obese children need help from doctors and GP’s, obesity is a disease and cannot just be helped by a simple diet. And don’t forget the childhood obesity epidemic is only in America, and a bit in Britain. Hope this helps, Dee

  5. sarah L said :

    Go along to a slimming world meeting and join there’s no age restritions and the diet plan is a healthy balance, its £4.50 per week and you get books on what to eat daily and ideas for treats.

    hope i helped

    xxx <3 xxx

  6. John Elias said :

    People under 18’s bodies are still growing and developing, and not all adult diets are advisable for them. As your body is developing it needs the right amount of nutrients and diets don’t always cover this – they are just concerned with seeing results of weight loss.

    Solving the epidemic of child obesity is easy – cut out junk food/instant meals and start them exercising more. People under 18 shouldn’t need weight loss “diets” in general. Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle should be enough – but saying that, it should be enough for most adults too. The problem is we’re lazy and prefer to take the lazy option – fad diets. OK, I’m ranting now!

  7. K..x said :

    Because you don’t stop growing really until you’re 18, it’s not healthy to diet before that age

  8. Emz said :

    People using those things usually have tried decently exercising (or are too lazy to). Under 18 you should really have no need to ‘diet’ as it can affect growth, nutrition, and mental health. Exercising shouldn’t be too hard for you if you’re young

  9. Tywher H said :

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  10. Jessie C said :

    Because they should be enjoying life not worrying about their weight… yes they should not be dieting they are still growing and need to eat balanced meals…. they need to be eating healthy and doing their fun team sports….

  11. Helen said :

    they dont want more children to become too weight conscious and develop annorexia. it is up to the parents of people under 18 to help them and not to feed them pizza and chips every day!!!!


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