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why are there SOO many symptoms in homeopathy medicine?

some very very strange symptoms,and even stranger there is a remedy for them!
how would it work,if you took a remedy for this strange symptom-red cheeks with homesickness.e.g
I know the remedy is specific to you,but how many people are going to have such strange symptoms.the MIND section of the repertory is especially weird.

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6 Responses to “why are there SOO many symptoms in homeopathy medicine?”

  1. antrom williamses said :

    you are foolish…no one can understand you.

  2. Opus said :

    It’s the “baffle them with bulls*it” method. They pretend that all that nonsense is somehow “important”, then they give you a “remedy” that is nothing but water. All their BS “remedies” are the same, so it doesn’t matter what your symptoms are, or what they call the “remedy”, they are all indistinguishable – just plain ol’ water!

  3. timniet said :

    The more cures listed, the more likely the medicine will cure at least one ot them.

  4. Sheri F said :

    You don’t give a remedy based on one symptom. But if someone has an unusual symptom it can help guide a homeopath to a remedy. Classical homeopaths look at everything going on with a patient, physically and emotionally and use at least a few different symptoms to guide them to some remedy choices.

    Once they’ve found those choices then you have to study the reperatory to see which remedy actually fits the case.

    Our family has used homeopathy for many years with great results.

    Below are a few great links. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

    A note on your additional details: Some of the symptoms are definately rare but if you happen to have a rare one it can be a great help in leading to a remedy. I’ve heard some great cases where remedies were found on obscure symptoms with great results. 🙂

  5. observer said :

    A homeopath physcian will answer your question like this : for every problem there are 20-30 remedies, but there is only one which suits you the best. To isolate that one is really difficult. So lot of questions are asked to eliminate less probabble remidies this way the correct medicine is arrived at. The questions in fact are the symptoms you are talking about, it is mind boggling but good for the patient. More symptoms match the remedy quicker relief he will get.

  6. A.V.R. said :

    Homeopathy has not stood double blind controlled clinical tests, more than placebos.

    At higher potencies, you will find that the pill has to have less than ONE molecule of the medicine! This a question of simple arithmetic using Avagadro’s number to the dilutions used in homeopathy. If a molecule is split it ceases to be that substance anymore.

    Actually, for natrimure (Kitchen salt), at high potencies the caesin carrier will have more sodium chloride than the medicine itself, which straightaway negates the potency.

    At least, it will not have any side effects.


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