Why are gynaecologists reluctant to fit a coil to a pre-birth woman?

I got a blood clot recently that travelled to my lungs (PE) and was told that i cannot go back on the pill or depo. as me and my bf hate condoms and lady-condoms but still want to be protected we thought of getting the coil, but was told by a friend that they’ll most likely refuse as ive never been pregnant nor gave birth. is it really that important?

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3 Responses to “Why are gynaecologists reluctant to fit a coil to a pre-birth woman?”

  1. ConfusedGirl =( said:

    They are most suitable for women who have had children but you can still get one fitted although research shows that they can affect fertility..


  2. sassymoomin said:

    Having a coil fitted can lead to a pelvic infection. This can make you infertile which is why they do not like to give the coil to any woman who has not already had a child. Personally for you I would look into having the contraceptive injection, which is put into your rear end every so often and highly effective. Good luck.

  3. Dr Frank said:

    This depends absolutely on the type of coil. Simple copper IUCDs tend to cause pain, and bleeding in nulliparous women, (those that have not had a vaginal delivery). They are also at risk of being spontaneously expelled. BUT, Mirena, the progesterone coil, was trialed on a large number of nulliparous women and has no such problems. Under the circumstances this type of coil might be very suitable and appropriate for you. Go and discuss it with your GP/Gyn/Family Planning doctor.


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