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why am i losing weight everywhere except for my chest?

I’m five feet tall and currently i’m in the process of shedding extra pounds,,, the things is I’m not losing my chest size and i have constant back pain because the size does not compliment my figure. How do I lose weight there?????

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4 Responses to “why am i losing weight everywhere except for my chest?”

  1. gerard_uk_62 said :

    Your body puts fat down in a sequence. That sequence is not the same for everyone. I loose weight from my stomach first. My wife looses it from her face and neck first. As you loose more weight your chest will probably take its turn at loosing weight.

  2. Sheri B said :

    hmmm if your not loosing chest lbs, then you either Havn’t lost enough weight to see a difference in your chest size… Or, you just have a naturally large Chest. All ‘chest’ and no fat.. you know? You might have to consider getting a Breast reduction. If it’s giving you Chronic Back pain then insurance will cover most of it. Women have breast reductions all time because of the back pain it gives them… look into it.

  3. mafiaboss_nz said :

    The body will naturally burn fat from the stomach, legs, hips first because these are the areas you naturally exercise when walking, you could try exercising your chest area to burn the fat but if you have alot elsewhere on your body then it will remove the fat from there first, something like kickboxing or boxercise classes offer a good all round workout for the body as you move all parts of your body.

  4. prettyma2 said :

    By chest size, you mean breast size, right?
    Well, some naturally are big-bosomed…
    So if you are one of those,
    losing size on the chest can mean lots of hard work.

    It must be remembered that whatever is gained first is the last to go.
    So if you are naturally big breasted, it is the last one to shed pounds/size.

    For some the chest and breast is a the area where ample fat cells are found.
    The number of which cannot be reduced when losing weight, but the cells shrink as fat is reduced.
    Shrinking fat cells is the way to lose fat in the chest and breast area.

    Do aerobic exercise workout regularly, probably at least 20 minutes 3 times per week.
    Fat will be burned from all over the body including the chest region.


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