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Why am i always hungry, will weightloss suplements help, if so what ones are good?

I always feel hungry. I eat and am still hungry, i eat alot and about 20 minutes later i could eat again. I thought maybe i just had a fast metabolism so i started eating more and i gained 10lbs. What the heck am i supposed to do, i feel Starving ALL THE TIME? Could weightloss suplements make me not so hungry?

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3 Responses to “Why am i always hungry, will weightloss suplements help, if so what ones are good?”

  1. Z said :

    you are only hungry when you would usually eat but havent, so if you eat all the time you will always be hungry. stop the permenant eating and after a while the hunger will leave with it.

  2. Dixie Girl said :

    When you eat junk food, it makes you hungrier. More carbs, more hunger. Though, more protein= less hunger. If you eat more protein your stomach should be satisfied and stay away from junk food as it’s loaded with salt and bad carbs which won’t satisfy your hunger.. and you will crave for more, thus leading to obesity or weight gain. Anyway, if you have cravings even after consuming a lot of protein I reccomend you chew gum. Oh, and fiber is great to, it fills you up and doesn’t digest meaning it keeps you “regular” (bladder).

  3. T said :

    I can feel like that too. It’s really frustrating, but you can get through it. Try eating small meals frequently. It’s almost as if the bigger the meal you eat, the more your stomach expands to accomodate that food. Then it feels like you’re just left with a bigger, emptier stomach to fill later. You have to train yourself.

    Try to add more fiber into the foods you eat, and make sure you’re eating enough protein. Try foods like oatmeal, whole grains, egg whites, apples, lean meats, natural peanut butter, raw almonds… This should help you feel full longer. If you’re still hungry, try chewing gum to keep your mind off of it or drink more water!

    To answer your question, weight loss supplements can help with appetite control, but you should try to get through it on your own first. There are so many negative side effects that you may find that it isn’t worth it. I take a thermogenic (BSN Atrophex), but I only use it as a workout supplement to get my energy level up if I’m dragging before a workout. I notice that I don’t feel hungry after I’ve taken it, but maybe that’s because my heart is racing like a hummingbird and my hands are shaking so much that I feel like I have to do something constantly. Whatever you decide to do, just be careful and remember that these fat burners and weight loss supplements are not always “safe”. Read the labels carefully. Seriously.


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