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Why am failing to lose weight despite strict dieting and regular exercise?

Im 41, 6ft, 99 kilos and its only round the middle.
Off all medication so need help before I lose the plot again!!

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5 Responses to “Why am failing to lose weight despite strict dieting and regular exercise?”

  1. brainyandy said :

    You need to keep it up for more than 15 minutes. Woah! just kidding. Sorry I don’t really know.

  2. flubster666 said :

    Sometimes your body takes a while to start burning your stored energy – this is what happens to me anyway.

    Best analogy I can give is when you first blow up a balloon it needs a great deal more effort to get it to the size of a light bulb – after that its much easier.

    Your metabolism is having a little difficulty getting at the fat – but keep going and it will kick in.

    Maybe just a tiny little bit of extra exercise is what you need.

  3. jaffa46 said :

    Maybe you you are still eating the wrong kind of foods. Eating stuff with low fat often is good and things that will fill you up. Like baked beans, jacket potatoes, loads of veg. Try vegetarian sausage and mince hardly any calories. Rich tea biscuits and jaffa cakes good as replacement snacks. Also check portion size. Sometimes joining a slimming club helps, I know you have to pay, but it is easier when you can follow some kind of plan, and encouragement and regular weigh in’s helps you to stay focused and not give in. Also if you are doing regular excercise sometimes you put weight on as muscles buiding up. Sometimes it is better to measure yourself also to get a better idea of how your body is changing.

  4. julia55 said :

    you might have adrenal gland fatigue like me.
    that being the case, you need to reduce stress and definitely see an endocrinologist.

  5. SHUCKLES said :

    looks to me like you ain’t mixing healthy diet and exercise.
    Do not go for crush diets, get some exercise as well. If u really want to loose weight, see a physician who will assess your current condition and design a loss weight plan for the Gym with you. That should help you see changes when you follow what you have been prescribed.
    Finally watch your calorie intake. You could use to watch whatever you eat. Do not take more than 1000 calories per day if you want to see a difference, but eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
    All the best with your loss weight regime.


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