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which one walk or running on the treadmill better for tummy and arms?

i need flat tone tummy and toned arms

please help me!
thanks xxx

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5 Responses to “which one walk or running on the treadmill better for tummy and arms?”

  1. ikkokoyv said:

    In between the two, a gentle jog that gets you a little out of breath, will burn fat the quickest. This is why power walking is effective

  2. mastercheddaar said:

    Start off slow for the first week to get your body adjusted to the new routine. Then start to pick up the pace. If you start out running you will ultimately fail and get discouraged. On the other side if you start out at a 12 minute mile pace (anyone can do it) and then start working it down by 30-45 seconds every time you run then you will stick with it better. Also mix it up a little as well. Jump on the bike for 30 minutes some days.

    However exercise will not take the weight off alone. Dieting is the key. But that is a whole other question.

  3. Yeti said:

    More critical than anything is getting into a regular, sustainable routine and putting in the time. You’ll burn more calories running in the same time than walking, but if you’re just starting out, you’ll likely need to walk or run-walk in the early weeks/months. If you try to run too soon and get injured or can’t do it as often, you’ll ultimately get less out of things.

    Shifting to a healthy diet without junk/empty calories and most processed foods is going to be important too.

    Regardless of running or walking, I’d try to do it at a pace that gets your heart rate and breathing elevated a bit, but keep it within a conversational pace where you’re not going to gasp for air or run out of breath. And if walking is something you can do for a longer distance or more regularly, etc., then that’s going to be the thing for you, at least for awhile.

  4. Jogger2425 said:

    Running is less efficient than walking. So, running will burn more calories per mile. Since running is also faster, running will burn more calories per hour.

    Running and walking, along with limiting your calorie intake, will help control fat. However, it won’t help much to tone your muscles. For tone, you should do strength training. Use a medium level of resistance with a medium number of repetitions.

  5. Myreya said:

    a flat, toned tummy and nice arms require more than running. running will burn extra fat you might have and make your muscles more noticeable, that’s all.

    but to get that cute, tight-n-toned look, you’ll need to do sit-ups and lift weights. you could do about 100 to 200 situps (any less will pretty much make no difference) every other day, do 3 sets of reps (lifting the weight 10 times) at a weight that strains you and run at least a mile a day. you won’t want to do all of this on the same day though – lift weights one day, do sit ups the next, and keep up the pattern while running every day.

    sit-ups will help you get a nice stomach, the weights will give your arms a pretty muscular look and the running will help you lose weight/fat all around, plus tone your legs.

    that’s a lot to take in (: but I hope I helped.


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