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Which muscles are the easiest to build for the purpose of fat loss.?

I am a woman who is trying to lose fat (well weight, but especially fat). I’ve read that muscle burns more calories than fat, so am starting to incoporate beginner weight training into my workouts a the gym. I’m just using those machines that show you how to do the exercise. I would like to build and tone muscle, but not actually get bigger in size. I’m currently a 14 and trying to get down to a 10. Are there muscles or muscle groups that are easier to build than others? My main purpose right now is to burn excess calories. Should I concentrate on one area more than another? Due to knee complications, I cannot to traditional leg press, or leg extension. I can do a modified version of them on special machines as long as I am careful.

Thank you in advance for your helpful responses.

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5 Responses to “Which muscles are the easiest to build for the purpose of fat loss.?”

  1. dozer951 said :

    Build those legs

  2. C B said :

    First of all as a woman you don’t have to worry about getting huge muscles if you aren’t using very heavy weights. But as far as which muscles burn the most, it is the abs. Crunches and more crunches. We bought an ab lounger, and it does help a lot if you tend to have sore neck or back problems.

  3. Aloha said :

    Your leg muscles. They are the female’s largest muscle group (includes the gluteus muscles too). Building these muscles will help burn calories (not fat) even at rest. Do take note, if you keep eating, you will be feeding your muscles and the muscles will get BIGGER, and DENSER, thus negating any weight loss in numbers, and perhaps not burning off those fatty areas.

    To avoid tiredness due to lower calorie intake/ higher energy output, take a multivitamin and eat apples ( proven to keep you more alert than coffee!)

  4. daperdanguy said :

    You will need to work on your legs. The legs are a major muscle group and they generate the most results when excercised. Some studies have shown that performing Squats can even improve your upper body strength as well.
    But you don’t always need to do squats to have toned legs. You could do several other leg workouts in the gym that can get you the results you want. I would suggest working out the legs atleast twice a week. You will see the results pretty fast.

  5. Natalie said :

    the biggest and easiest muscles to build are your glutes and quadraceps (but and thighs). there are so many machines you can use to do that and so many exercises for those muscles.
    To lose fat you have to do cardio 4-6 times a week for average of 45min.


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