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which is better for fat loss,cardio or weights?

i dont want to lose weight.i want to lose fat and tone up.

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4 Responses to “which is better for fat loss,cardio or weights?”

  1. Mike S said :

    A combination of both is best. You might want to check out P90-X. It is a great workout for toning up.

  2. Sloanfesta said :

    cardio. weights just creates more bulk.

  3. Hopefull said :

    Both, a varied routine is one that you will stick with. The best routine is one that you will use.

  4. GD said :

    In lay mans terms – A combination of both. Muscle tissue is metabolically active, 1lb of it will burn around 17 calories a day at rest – more if you use them.

    Cardio exercise burns of calories whilst you do it, but your metabolism soon returns to normal after doing it.

    Resistance training burns slightly less calories whilst you do it – but ramps the metabolism up for up to 12 hours after it whilst the body rushes to repair the damage done to it.

    The recommend training for a healthy adult (aside from obviously eating healthily) is 5-6 30 minute sessions of moderate cardio a week (anything that gets your heart rate up, slightly out of breath) and 2 hours of resistance training.

    The resistance training will slightly increase muscle mass (don’t worry, unless you’re popping steroids like there’s no tomorrow you won’t ‘bulk up’ as some people suggest) which will give you the ‘toned’ look you’re after. The cardio will help reduce the body fat.

    An example I always use with my clients is that 1lb of muscle burns approx 17 calories at rest. If you can build an extra 7lbs of muscle (can usually be achieved for a beginner within around 12 weeks with a bit of hard work, following a properly structured training plan) you will be burning an additional 3,500 calories a month by doing absolutely nothing other then being alive. If you use that extra 7lb of muscle during exercise, you’ll burn even more.


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