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which exersise routine is better for fat loss?

Ive been running 4 miles(60 minutes) 3 times a week and lifting weights (full body routine) twice a week. I have lost a little weight over a couple of weeks. Would it be better to run for 2 miles at a faster pace and then do a split routine everyday or should I stay with what I’m doing…Just so everyone knows I have an excellent diet plan going with my exercise routine.

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9 Responses to “which exersise routine is better for fat loss?”

  1. motormouth said :

    you’re eating too much. close your mouth and keep it closed.

  2. Mario said :

    The best way to loose weight is to switch up your routine. You need to increase level of intensity during different workouts. Your body gets used to the same routine and it eventually levels out from dropping any weight or gaining muscle.

  3. Barbara said :

    keep doing what your doing but if your doing a lot of weights your gaining muscle mass too which is adding to your weight . if all you want to do is loose weight then more running less weight lifting . SIMPLE

  4. Maxwell's Hammer said :

    Run more (5 miles) and don’t worry about how fast it is. The longer you are doing it the better off you are.

  5. harshathlete said :

    There is not too much benefit to running faster. You are better of running 4 miles , 3 times a week and maybe you can add another day of weight lifting. So split your weight training days into 3 day workouts instead of 2.
    Also if you want to lose more weight, you might have to add an extra 15 minute cardio after you weight training sessions.
    Here is an example of a week..
    Monday , Wednesday , Friday -> Running (60 mins )
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday -> Weight training (45 mins ) + Running (15 mins ).
    Sunday : Rest

  6. mark said :

    If you would like to lose weight faster I would wear a sauna suit while exercising. I lost 30 pounds in a month while wearing one and running on a treadmill 3 miles everyday at a speed of 6.5 – 7 mph along with my weight training that I did every other day. I don’t know what diet plan you are on but I did the Sugar Busters Lifestyle

  7. Audrey said :

    I found an article about most popular fat burning workout. People say that program is the Ferrari of fitness. I have two friends who have used it and they got proven results. You should read it for details from

  8. vacationinfo said :

    “I also notice that most women (and a lot of guys too) spend way too much
    time with slow cardio exercise. This is simply not necessary, and the way
    I combine high intensity resistance training into full body routines
    provides enough of a “cardio” workout in itself usually. I really hope
    that helps”.

    Good luck

  9. Rick said :

    Actually, I would focus more on the weight lifting aspects than running. Yeah, the running will burn calories during the exercise but the added muscle you build from weight lifting will increase your metabolism. This will let you burn more calories throughout the day.


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