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Whey Protein for Fat loss and muscle building and looking lean?

I am kinda flabby right now =\ and i was thinking whether if consuming whey protein would make me even fatter.. im thinking of looking lean.. i workout twice a week.. need some tips please!! =D

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4 Responses to “Whey Protein for Fat loss and muscle building and looking lean?”

  1. harry potter said:

    i don’t know.

  2. kumar v said:

    Whey protiens will give u extra proteins for ue workout , u need meal replacment shake to tone down, good luck

  3. gazpacho said:

    You need to do cardio …rowing is good for men cause it works large muscle groups and burns lots of calories… do it once a day for at least 45 minutes… stay away from the pizza bar… and alcohol… and workout twice a week.

    Fact is, you wont lose any body fat unless you burn more calories per day than you consume.. the good news is that if you exercise daily….. you burn a lot of calories just sleeping.

  4. apope190 said:

    If your only getting into the gym twice a week, do not take a protein supplement. At least don’t take it every day.

    I would only use it on the days you exercise, right after(within 10-20 min)

    If your using the whey for protein shakes/low calorie meal replacements……then i suggest you get a milk/egg protein powder… whey is more of a quick absorption powder. Used to get protein to the muscles you’ve exercised faster than eating fish or chicken or any other protein source.


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